Movierulz 2020: Download Free HD Telugu, Bollywood, Tamil Movies

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Movierulz 2020

Movierulz 2020: Watch your favorite movies is one of the best ways to release dopamine in your body. That is why millions of people around the globe watch movies every weekend. Even there are so many people who watch at least one movie every day, whether it is horror, comedy, romantic, or any type of movie.

There are two ways that they choose to watch movies. The first way is theater, where people have to pay for their and their partner’s ticket to watch their favorite movie. The second way is to download it from a movies piracy website and then watch it. Some people go with the first way, but the majority of people take the second way, cause they don’t want to spend any money.

People who want to download and watch movies from a pirated movie website visit website like Movierulz. Movierulz is one of the most visited and popular movie pirated websites. According to some data, the visitor count of the Movierulz website is more than 8 to 9 Million ( 80 Lakhs to 90 Lakhs ) every month. People just visit the site whenever they want to download a movie. 

But they don’t have much or should I say the right knowledge about the website. I mean how does it works, how does it earns, and more. So if you are someone who wants to gain some knowledge on Movierulz, then stick to this article till the end.

Cause in the article, we will discuss many things like How people use it to download movies, Safety Risk, Alternatives of the website, some legal alternatives of the website, popular domains, New Domain, in what languages you can download movies from the site, and many more things. So without taking any more of your time, let’s get started!

What is Movierulz?

Movierulz is one of the most popular and visited website among the pirated websites like Movierulz Plz, Movierulz ms. According to a report, every month Movierulz gets more than 9 million visitors.

You can find any type of movie on the Movierulz website like Mystery, Romance, Action, Drama, Crime, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, and more. You can download old or latest movies in languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, etc.

But as we all know that downloading movies from a piracy website is illegal in some countries including India. So I will not suggest using these sources to download any type of movie.

Because behind every movie, there is a lot of struggle and if we don’t pay for the movie and watch them for free from the sources like Movierulz then the struggle of movie makers can be wasted.

How people use Movierulz to download movies?

If you want to download the latest movies from the Movierulz website then there are some steps that you have to follow to download the movie. First, you need to select the device you will use to download the movie.

I know some of you may be thinking why are you even including this point. But this step is equally important, cause if you use mobile then you have to struggle a lot because of the redirection.

Rather than, you should use a laptop or tablet, cause these two things are more comfortable than your smartphone.

Next, you have to find a domain that is active. Below I have given a list of almost all Movierulz popular domains, check every domain to find the active one. As you find an active domain, click on it.

Once you land on the homepage of the website, look for the search box or bar. After you find the search box, type the movie you want to download.

Once you hit the search icon, your movie will display on your screen, if the movie is not available nothing will come.

After Search, if you find your movie then click on the download button, which you can find below your movie poster.

As you hit the download button you’ll redirect to some irrelevant sites and this can happen multiple times.

Once the redirection will finish, your movie will start to download in the background.

Nowadays, these types of websites let the user stream the movie directly. So it is up to you, you want to download it or watch it directly.

Now, this was the process people use to download movies from the Movierulz website. But I want to remind you again that doing piracy is totally illegal, and we don’t support any type of piracy. So serve these websites at your own risk.

What Makes Movierulz so Famous?

It is totally obvious why this website is so famous among movie lovers. The main reason behind the popularity of Movierulz is, it provides HD free movies for free in almost all languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, etc.

The other reason is addictiveness, I mean anyone who wants to download a movie for free and they are getting it from websites like Movierulz, then next time they again want to download a movie online they will visit the website again, all this will make them addicted.

We all know very well that if someone becomes addicted to something they do it again and again. These are some factors or reasons why Movierulz is so popular, but still, there are some factors that make this website so famous. I have mentioned the other factors below, have a look:-

Movierulz Tamil Movies

Tamil Movies are one of the most targeted movies by these piracy websites like Movierulz Plz, Movierulz, etc. According to some people, the first movie industry targeted by these piracy websites is the Tamil movie industry. When you visit movie piracy websites like Movierulz, you can find many old and newly released Tamil movies there.

Now you may think that how these movies leak on these websites, there are many groups work in the Tamil industry that helps these websites to leak movies even before their release. But because of all this, movie makers face a lot of losses. So we should not support piracy.

Movierulz Telugu Movies

As we all know, the Telugu movie industry is the world’s fastest-growing movie industry and it is constantly producing high and super quality movies. Many people search for Telugu movies for free download every month and that is the reason why this industry is on the priority list of piracy movies websites like Movierulz. The reason why people search for Telugu movies heavily online is, it has a very loyal fan base around the globe. For them, their movie stars like Chiranjeevi, Prabhas, Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu are like their god.

Movierulz Hindi Movies

No movie industry is safe from piracy whether it is Tamil movies or Telugu movies. Hindi movies are also not safe from these piracy websites like Movierulz. Many people say that behind every movie leak there can be a hand of a rival. But as I told that these are just saying, there is no proof that can confirm that so we can not totally tell that this is right or not. But whatever thing is behind all this, every time movie makers have to face all the losses that happen.

How Movierulz Earns?

As we all know very well that Movierulz is an illegal movie downloading website. Where you can go and download any Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, etc HD movies for absolutely free. That means there is no chance it can use Adsense or to monetize their website. Because in the policy of Adsense or they have clearly mentioned that if your website or blog lets your visitors download any type of pirated content then you can not apply for their monetization program.

For people who don’t know what are Adsense and Then Adsense is a monetization program that lets publishers show AdSense ads on their website or blog and earn a good amount or insane amount of money. Because there are so many examples of Adsense approved websites that earn more than $10,000/month. So if you have a blog or website that you feel is good for showing ads then you can apply for Adsense and once you get the approval then you can start earning some or insane money from it.

Now is the same thing, it also allows the website or blog to show ads to visitors and gain some money. But getting approval of one is not easy as it seems. That is why these websites choose some other ways to earn money. The first way is Pop Up ads and the second way is traffic redirection, don’t worry I will explain to you both one by one.

The Pop-up ads, if you have ever visited Movierulz website and when you click on the search bar and search for some movie, as you click on the movie suddenly a small window on your screen will open that contains some ads that will try to sell some stuff, this is what we call pop-up ads.

Next is traffic redirection, if you have ever try to download a movie from Movierulz. As you click on the download now button it takes you to some random website and on that random website, you see a lot of ads from Adsense. It happens multiple times if you can remind it and because you go on random websites they earn a lot of money. That is how these movie pirated websites like Movierulz earns money. But stop piracy.

Is Movierulz Legal in India?

The answer to this question is pretty straight that doing movies piracy and not even movies any type of piracy in India is a ban and illegal, doing piracy in India can put you behind the bar very easily. So websites like Movierulz, Movierulz Plz, Movierulz Ms, etc are totally illegal and we should not use these websites to download any type of movie.

Not only India but many major countries don’t allow any type of piracy in their country. Now you may be thinking if doing piracy is illegal and ban from almost all countries then why it still exists. The answer is very simple, I said majority not all. This means there are still some countries that allow people to do piracy and that is the main reason why piracy thing still exists.

Now you may also have a question if piracy is totally banned in India, then how come these websites are still accessible. If you are a regular user of Movierulz or any type of movie piracy website then you may notice that sometimes these websites are accessible but sometimes not. And whenever they come back they come back with new names like Movierulz Ms, Movierulz Plz, etc. Because the government of India, constantly keep an eye on these type of website and as soon as they find one they ban it.

But as we all know that there are thousands and thousands of websites and every day a new opens that is why it becomes hard to find and ban websites. But the Indian Government doing its best to stop these piracy websites and we all should support them.

Movierulz APK 2020

So Movierulz App is also available for Movierulz users. But the question is why they have their own app. The reason behind this is, even the government blocks the website but the app you installed can help you to download any movie you want. Now if you want to know, where you can download the Movierulz app. Then you have to go to their real website and at the top corner, you can find the option to download this app.

Many of you may be thinking, why I can’t simply download it from the play store like any other. According to the policy of the play store, you can not download any mobile app that does piracy and that is the reason why you can’t download this app from the play store.

But before you think to install this app, there is something that you should know and after that, you can decide whether you want to download it or not. Installing the app can bring a lot of problems and a chance to get hacked, let me tell you how they do it.

When you install the Movierulz app and download some movie file or image your system will give you a warning not to install this app or apk. But the majority of us ignore the message and continue to use the app.

This apk or app simply put some malware into your system and get control over the device. Now they have full control over your device and they can do whatever they want. I would recommend not to download such an app to watch or download movies.

Safety Risk Comes with Movierulz

Yes, visit and downloading anything from these piracy websites like Movierulz can be very risky. I also mention in the above point that how harmful it can be to install the Movierulz app. So visit the Movierulz site can also be very risky because there are very high chances of a data breach ( Data Leak ). So Downloading anything from these unknown and untrusted sources can lead to a serious data breach and data is very important in the digital world. It can shake the economy of any country. In the end, don’t use these sources like Movierulz to download any type of movie, because there are high chances of being hacked.

Extensions and Domains Used By Movierulz

There are so many domains and extensions used and still using by Movierulz. I have given a list of almost all domains and extensions, you can check all out because we don’t know which one is still working and which one is not working.

  • Movierulz Plz
  • Movierulz Ps
  • Movierulz Ms
  • Movierulz telugu
  • Movierulz Pz
  • 3 Movierulz
  • Movierulz plz telugu
  • Movierulz website
  • Movierulz ac
  • Movierulz ds
  • Movierulz malayalam
  • Movierulz wap
  • Movierulz 3
  • Movierulz kannada
  • 3 Movierulz plz
  • Movierulz pe
  • Movierulz free
  • Movierulz download
  • Movierulz ht
  • Movierulz pc
  • Movierulz com
  • Movierulz 2019
  • Movierulz telugu movies
  • Movierulz torrent magnet
  • 8 Movierulz plz
  • Movierulz2
  • Movierulz max
  • Movierulz proxy
  • Movierulz app
  • Movierulz tc

Recently Leaked Movies

If you are looking for some recently leaked movies by Movierulz then below I have given a list of all the latest Hollywood, Telugu, Bollywood, Tamil movies that you can find on the website of Movierulz, have a look:- 

  • Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo
  • Angrezi Medium
  • Avengers Endgame
  • Bala
  • Baahubali
  • Bloodshot
  • Bad Boys For Life
  • Bigil
  • Baaghi 3
  • Chhapaak
  • Dream Girl
  • Darbar
  • Dil Bechara
  • Dharala Prabhu
  • Hit
  • Jawaani Jaaneman
  • Love Aaj Kal 2
  • Malang
  • NGK
  • Petta
  • Pagalpanti
  • Psycho
  • Palasa 1978
  • Super 30
  • Sarileru Neekevvaru
  • Street Dancer 3D
  • Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior
  • Tanhaji
  • World Famous Lover

Movierulz Legal Alternatives

If you are ready to quit using these piracy websites like Movierulz but still want to watch movies online. Then there are some legal alternatives of Movierulz which you can use to watch movies. Now you may be thinking, where can I find those alternatives. Don’t worry because below I have mentioned all the legal alternatives that you can use to watch movies online:-

  • Hotstar
  • Netflix
  • ZEE 5
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Mx Player
  • Sony Liv
  • Jio Cinema
  • Voot

Most Popular Domains of Movierulz

Although there are so many domains and extensions used by Movierulz which I have mentioned above. But there are some specific domains and extensions which are very popular, used by Movierulz. If you want to know about them, then below I have mentioned all the domains and extensions, have a look:-

Movierulz plz

Movierulz Plz is the same as Movierulz. You can find any latest and old movies here. You can download any movies from here in different formats like 360p, 480p, 720p, etc. But the only downfall of this website is, it doesn’t support the online stream of the movies.

Movierulz in

Just like any other working server of Movierules, Movierules in also let its users download pirated movies from their site in HD quality. On this site, you can download movies in various languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, etc. Not only HD, but this website also offers movies in various formats.

Movierulz ms

Movierulz ms is one of the most popular domains used by the Movierulz website. It is also one of those domains which took the Indian government a long to find and ban. But according to some people, the domain may still be accessible. It also does not support the live streaming feature.

2Movierulz com domain is totally banned in India because it also uploads pirated content on their website. But you may be thinking about what is different about this website. The only great feature of this website is, The server of this website is fast enough to download the movie. So this was the feature that makes this website a little bit different from other Movierulz websites.

Qualities on Movierulz

So what are the qualities or formats of the movie you can find on Movierulz. Below I have mentioned almost all the movie formats that you can find on the website, have a look:-  

  • 1080p
  • 720p
  • 360p
  • 240p
  • HD
  • HD Quality

Movierulz Categories

If you are someone who is wondering which type of category you can find on the Movierulz website when you’ll visit it. So there are many types of categories you can find on the website. I mean, the website provides movies in a lot of genres like Mystery, Romance, Action, Drama, Crime, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, and more. If you like any of the above-mentioned movie category then you can visit the website and watch the movie.

Languages Available on Movierulz

As I mentioned early in the article that the Tamil and Telugu industry is on the priority list of these piracy websites. But Movierulz also provide movies in many other languages which I have mentioned below, have a look:-

  • Hindi
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Kannada
  • English
  • Punjabi
  • Malayalam
  • Marathi


Doing piracy of any original content is a punishable sin under the law of India. indianshowbiz strongly recommends people to stay away from this type of piracy things. The content you see here is only for giving information about illegal activities. Our purpose is not to encourage piracy and immoral acts in any way. Don’t take the piracy way to download the movies instead choose the right way to do it.

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