Expedia Summer Travel Survey 2015: Indians vacationing in EMEA this summer, exploring South America & Far East

By K. Ashwin Mob: 09920183006 Email: indianshowbusiness@gmail.com

About the survey: Expedia, one of the world’s largest online travel agency, today released the Summer Trend Report 2015, an analysis of vacation destinations and travel preferences across multiple cities in India. The survey was conducted with 520 respondents across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. The survey highlights that most Indian travellers heading to Europe, Middle-East and Africa this summer. They are taking interest in exploring destinations like Finland, Norway, Cyprus, Latvia, Romania, Argentina and Fiji besides the usual travel circuits for Indians.“Planning for vacation is something that excites everybody and with the summer vacations on the set, Indians are planning to explore varied destinations this summer. 63% Indians have a dedicated vacation fund while 37% are planning to fund it through other sources like credit card, debit card, vacation loan, etc. It is interesting to see that Indian travellers are willing to make sacrifices like quit smoking (48%), junk food (42%) & dessert (32%) and let their in-laws stay with them for a year (41%), to get a free vacation.” said Mr. Vikram Malhi, Managing Director, Asia, Expedia. 

The survey also reveals that 39% of Indians are planning to take the summer escape to unwind & relax, while 15% to tick off the destination from their bucket list. In fact, 53% Indians intend to book international hotels online for their vacation that showcases the evolution of the Indian traveller from dependence on offline agents to taking charge of their vacation with online bookings.”, he added.

Appended are the detailed findings of the survey: 

Need a Vacation? Hell Yes!

  • ·         39% of Indians are planning to take the summer escape to unwind & relax, 20% for spending time with family and 15% to tick off the destination from their bucket list whereas 4% would take a vacation for reunion with school/college friends.

Planning a vacation? Absolutely!

  • ·         Vacation Frequency

o   Highest ranked #1- Taking one 10-15day vacation in a year at 34%

o   Highest ranked #2- 3-4 short holidays in a year (extended weekends) at 47%

  • ·         53% Indians planning to book international hotels online for their vacation
  • ·         63% Indians have a dedicated vacation fund while 37% fund it from other sources like Credit card (17%), Holiday Loans (5%), and borrow money from friends and family (2%)

Companion this vacation?

  • ·         Highest to be family travellers (32%) followed by vacation with Spouse (25%), with friends (18%)
  • ·         10% plan to go solo
  • ·         Least amount of vacations planned with in-laws (1%) and parents (3%) 

We know where you’re going this summer!

  • ·         Europe- 24%
  • ·         Middle East and Africa- 20%
  • ·         Asia- 18%
  • ·         US & Canada -16%
  • ·         Far East (Australia, NZ, Fiji)-12%
  • ·         Central & South America- 10%
  • ·         Scandinavian Countries-4%
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Countries US (11%) Singapore,China, Latvia(7%) Canada, South Africa, Malaysia, Romania, Brazil, (6%) Australia, Fiji, Spain, UAE (5%) Japan,Indonesia, Turkey, UK (4%)

 Getting vacation ready!

  • ·         24% shop for suitcases, clothes, shoes, swim wear, glasses, etc.
  • ·         23% plan to get a mobile plan or a local SIM card to be connected to social media
  • ·         19% go for a personal makeover
  • ·         21% don’t bother, just pack their bags and leave
  • ·         18% enroll in diet and weight management programs

Time to relax and start indulging? Liberate yourself!

  • ·         35% Indian travellers start relaxing as soon as they leave home/office, while another 30% the moment they reach their destination
  • ·         14% are never able to leave work and fully relax and 1% never relax
  • ·         24% Indians would like to eat all day and 21% would like to sleep all day and do binge drinking
  • ·         16% Indians wish to wander around in a bikini/shorts and 14% wish to party non-stop and have night outs
  • ·         13% wish to ask strangers out on dates and 9% are interested in a one-night stand with strangers to liberate themselves when on vacation
  • ·         11% Indians wish to go skinny dipping to liberate themselves when on a vacation

Willing to make sacrifices for a free vacation? Damn Yes!

  • ·         48% Indians are ready to quit smoking for a year, 42% Indian are ready to quit junk food for one year
  • ·          41% are ready to let their in-laws stay with them for one year and 32% are ready to quit desserts for one year for a free vacation
  • ·         30% are ready to bow down to the naggings of their spouse’s to start a family and have kids for a free vacation, 11% are ready to sacrifice on sex for six months in exchange for a free vacation
  • ·         22% Indians are ready to turn vegan for a free vacation
  • ·         No one wants to quit on their job, hobby, favorite gadgets or cut off from their best friends for a year for a free vacation

I want to tell the world I am vacationing!

  • ·         53% Indians prefer to post group/family photos and 45% share the pictures of themselves and their significant others while on vacation 

Post Vacation Syndrome $%%^&*!

  • ·         27% Indian hate to catch up on office work/emails post their vacation, 21% hate the huge credit card statement and 14% hate to clean up their house and do dirty laundry post vacation

Next vacation PLEASE.

  • ·         4% travellers start planning the day they return from holiday, 14% plan when they sit back and look at photos, 22% start within a month and 26% after about 6 months 


The study was conducted on behalf of Expedia by Access Media International, a globally integrated strategic insights consulting firm. This survey was conducted online from April 15 to May 12, 2015 across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. The study was conducted among 520 employed adults aged 18 years of age and older. 

About Expedia

Expedia is the world’s largest full service online travel agency with localized sites in 31 countries. Expedia is a one-stop solution for all travel needs, with a comprehensive and distinctive suite of travel solutions covering over 510,000 hotels, 5000 holiday activities and 400+ airlines worldwide. Expedia helps consumers not only book flights, hotels, buses and tourist attractions globally, but also provides services like visa and car rentals, supported by a 24×7 call center in India. The portal also features over 350,000+ independent and verified traveller reviews; the portal allows access to reviews by Indian travellers, to help consumers make an apt hotel choice.

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