I am bold, confident and open-minded, says Miss Maxim Supermodel-actress Neha Singh


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Neha Singh

It’s not too difficult to spot Neha Singh in a crowd. Tall, confident and uber sexy, Neha Singh is a sure head turner. This scorcher from Delhi was recently seen sashaying down the ramp at the grand finale of Kamasutra Miss Maxim Supermodel Hunt 2015. Sonu P caught up with the leggy lass for a quick tete-a-tete after the event.

Neha Singh


Neha Singh

How did modelling happen?

I was born and raised in Delhi. Ever since early childhood, I have been very creatively inclined and performing arts like dance and music attracted me a great deal. As I grew, I realised my deep interest for acting. I also absolutely loved posing and getting myself clicked. I am someone who truly loved my own self. I don’t mean to sound narcissistic but I believe for the world to love you, one has start loving one’s own self. People used to compliment me for my smile and voice. It’s then I realised what my true is which is modelling and acting.

Neha Singh

What did you do next?

I did a few shoots in Delhi. I also participated in Mr. and Miss Delhi i which I was among the top 5 finalists. However, to be honest, opportunities are limited here. I was also working as an air hostess with Indigo. So balancing both these jobs became an issue. I soon realised that to give myself a good platform, I would have to shift base to Mumbai which as everyone says is Sapno ki Nagri. I soon applied for a transfer which was granted and I ended up shifting base to Mumbai last year.

Neha Singh

Once here, how did you begin?

If you are in the glamour industry, you will have to devote maximum time to it. I quit my job this year and decided to pursue modelling on a full fledged basis. I did my first glamour shoot with a city photographer and I soon got featured in a magazine called Modelz View. I also did a few catalogue shoots for denims and other garments. I also participated in Femina Carnival that was held in Pune.

Neha Singh

How was Miss Maxim’s experience?

It was great. We were selected on the basis of the photographs that we had sent. It was a thrilling experience to walk in front of such great judges especially Malaika Arora Khan. The response was extremely encouraging.

Neha Singh

Was this your first time in a bikini?

No. I have donned a bikini before as well for shoots. Yes, I was wearing a bikini on a ramp for the first time.

Neha Singh

Were you comfortable?

Oh yes, I was extremely comfortable. Be it a salwar kameez or a bikini, the level of comfort would remain the same for me. I am not conscious about the amount of skin being shown.

Neha Singh

So you are quite bold…

Yes, I am bold, confident and an open-minded girl.

Neha Singh

Is acting next on list?

Yes. I have been auditioning for a few roles but I would like to talk about it only when something materialises.

Will you ever go nude for a role?

I haven’t really thought about it yet. If it’s the true demand of a script, I may consider doing it. Having said that, I think I will cross the bridge when it comes.

Are you looking only for lead roles?

I am looking for good roles and many times supporting ones can also create an impact. Rather than screen time, I would look at screen presence to make a difference. So I am very open to doing good supporting roles too.

Who are your idols in life?

I idolise Priyanka Chopra. I love her confidence and she is also an allrounder in the true sense for she can sing, dance and act. I also idolise Narendra Modi and Baba Ramdev. Narendra Modi is the best PM our country could have had and Baba Ramdev is a great yoga guru. I practise his style of yoga and have seen its results.


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