RJ Karan Singh Turns Writer with Mary Kom


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They say success only comes to those who dare to dream and one such dreamer in the tinsel town is renowned RJ Karan Singh who with his latest stint has marked his entry into the film industry. Known as one of the biggest names in Radio since more than a decade, Karan forays into the filmy world with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Mary Kom. And if all that Priyanka Chopra mouths in the film inspired you, then yes, it’s none other than the famous RJ himself behind the words.

Talking about his stint as a dialogue writer Karan says, “It’s Sanjay Leela Bhansali who thought I could be the one to contribute to such an inspirational biopic and this will make me proud, forever.” It’s easier to bag an opportunity and a task to live up to it but Karan is not the kinds to turn his back on difficulties, “Working with accomplished people who had perfected their cinematic craft was a little daunting at first. However, I believed this was also one of the biggest strengths I could work with. I started with the research material behind Mary Kom and then chose to observe the real Mary Kom. The dialogues in the film have been written keeping in mind Mary’s command over the language and the peculiar way in which she speaks it. And that’s how I went about with the rest of the characters too,” says Singh.

While many opt for an easy commercial caper, Karan chose to begin his journey in writing with a strong woman centric film and he doesn’t regret it one bit. “In my profession as an RJ, I have been blessed with several opportunities to interact with female listeners who call in to talk because they have no one else to share their feelings with.

One thing I have observed about women is that if they find a good listener, they are ready to pour their hearts out. This has helped me in understanding some of the finer aspects of a woman’s life and mind, in what is typically known as a man’s world. I have also witnessed my mom’s struggle with people, situations, sickness and also seen how strong she has been… from her I know all about a woman’s strength,” he adds. Known for his deep baritone, his poetry and his heart to heart conversations with listeners, Karan has big plans for his career in the film industry, “I would really like to work on a real Romantic film sometime. Although thrillers and horror too are interesting, but these are genres where the focus is on direction more than the writing,” says Karan and lastly gives all credit to Mary Kom for helping him find his foothold in the industry,

“I have made an attempt to re-write her past. She has written a fresh destiny for me.”

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