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Paras Dairy introduces new packaging for its four variants of milk. The consumer oriented packaging has been carefully designed to address the ‘dairy dilemma’ faced by consumers today. The expulsion of milk from diets of Indian families has led to several micro nutrient deficiencies in the country. Paras with this innovation in packaging allows consumers a clear view of which milk is best suited for their family and helps them make an informed decision. Homogenized imagery clearly differentiated dietary deliverables and the ‘Milk-o-meter’ shed light on the nutritional content of milk across the four variants- Creamy Milk, Lite Milk, Active Milk, and Diet Milk.

Nutritional needs of consumers change as they grow older. With the ‘Milk-o-meter’, Paras offers consumers the opportunity to select milk which most closely meets their needs and life stage. The milk chart is designed to build awareness of the key elements of Milk and helps consumers make informed milk choices. Consumers can compare the four different types of milk and depending on their dietary requirement, pick milk that gives the best balanced nutrition.

Milk contains a number of important nutrients that are essential for both the young and old and is one of the most economical sources of nutrition. It is the expulsion of milk from everyday diet has led to the increase of micronutrient deficiencies cases in India. Choosing nutrient-rich foods, such as milk and yogurt, is an excellent way to help you build a healthier diet. The different milks tend to vary depending on the percentages of milk fat and milk-solids-not-fat. Milk Solids-not-Fat, comprising protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc is essential for the proper development and maintenance of the human body. Based on consumer taste and the requirements of the human body, Paras Dairy has introduced market segmentation and developed Creamy Milk, Lite Milk, Active Milk, and Diet Milk – four varieties of milk for four age groups.

Creamy Milk: Full Cream milk is a good choice for children as it provides a number of key nutrients besides calcium, like vitamins A and D and other minerals, which are all vital for optimal bone development during childhood years.

PRICE: MRP Rs.42/-

Lite Milk: This toned milk is a rich source of Protein that provides all essential Amino Acids for growth, development, and maintenance. Lite milk is a good choice for those seeking moderate restriction of their fat intake. What’s more, its 100% Calcium daily requirement content helps in maintaining bone mass.

PRICE: MRP Rs.32/-

Active Milk: This double-toned milk is the right source of Proteins, Calcium, and important minerals with very less fat content. Active Milk is a good choice for active adults, seeking a somewhat greater restriction of their fat intake. It also compensates the need for additional Calcium supplements.

PRICE: MRP Rs.28/-

Diet Milk: Paras is proud to introduce for the first time in the Indian Dairy industry, milk that is meant for the elderly. Milk is one of the most readily absorbed sources of calcium, and so is important for older consumers to protect their bone health. This skimmed milk has the least amount of fat content among all milk variants, which keeps your heart healthy, but has adequate Calcium for maintaining your bone mass.

PRICE: MRP Rs.24/-

AVAILABILITY: All four variants of Paras Milk are available at the 230 stores and more than 4000 retail outlets of Delhi NCR.


About Paras

PARAS’s history reflects back to 1960, when the procurement of milk started with 60 Liters of milk. The only fundamental that worked right from day one is the quality, which got reinforced everyday of progress. Ch. VedRam, the founder and promoter of our company is one of the connoisseurs in the dairy farm industry. Ved Ram & Sons started as a partnership company in April 1986. The first unit was established in 1987 under the company name VRS Foods Limited. Today, in tune with the rapidly changing technology, production units are well armed with the latest equipment. Paras Dairy sells over 2, 50,000 liters of milk per day in Delhi Metro. . With a total processing capacity of 30 Lac Liters per day across various part of India backed by an impressive distribution network, PARAS purity finds its way to every household in India.

At the heart of the entire network of Paras are hundreds of Village level collection centers covering 5000 villages across Western U.P., Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat from where the milk is collected every day. Our large manufacturing capacity at 5 different locations across most part of India is backed by an impressive distribution network, to ensure that our products find their way to every household in India.




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