The Best of YRF on Twitter!


By K. Ashwin Mob: 00919920183006 E-mail:

Yash Raj Films recently crossed a remarkable benchmark of 1 Lakh fans on Twitter, making them the first Bollywood production house to have such a huge fan following! And now they’ve raised the benchmark higher by trending their Theme of the Month” #BestOfSRKInYRF at the number one spot Worldwide!

The banner has a strong digital presence and regularly engages their audiences with interesting and interactive contests. Yash Raj Films has a new theme every month which gets their fans to interact on the page constantly.

YRF regularly holds contests and updates their digital properties with the latest and exclusive news about the production house. Their recent activity introduced an exclusive playlist featuring Shah Rukh Khan’s ever-lasting association with YRF.

Needless to say, all the Yash Raj Films and Shah Rukh Khan fans went crazy tweeting about how much they love the timeless combination! #BestOfSRKInYRF also trended in India and various other cities for two consecutive days.

This contest sure brought out the best of YRF on Twitter!

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