Indian cinema has remembered Gandhi for 100 years


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In the jaipur international film festival on the second day of important and entertaining films were released today. People appeared with great enthusiasm to the function.Today the films were screened at eight sites including Golchha Movies, Golchha Trade Center, Chamber Building, Queen’s College, M G D School, Pearl Academy, Space and fun movie. In chandramahal harishchandrachi factory , asif’s mughal-e-azam as well as gurudutt’s kagaz ke phool was also screened. Mughal-e-azam which has now become a landmark in hindi cinema was released 48 years ago but the magic of salim-anarkali is still present in the crowd.

This film was released on 5 august 1960 and it took about 105 million rupees . You will be surprised that the film’s director. Asif, had spent Rs 10 lakh only on sheeshmahal. The film’s hit song “JAB PYAR KIYA TO DARNA KYA ‘was filmed in this castle, and to invest in those days Shapurji Pallonji were in a position of bankruptcy.’

Indian cinema’s first cinemascope movie was “KAGAJ KE PHOOL ” the lead actor of this film was gurudutt himself who was the director aso, & the actress was waheeda rehman.It is believed that the film was inspired by Guru Dutt’s real life. Although it did not do well at the box office ,but its name is included in the list of cinema’s classic films. Lakhvinder singh’s BHANWRI , anurag sharma’s SPEAKING STONE, shazia srivastavas’s DO PAHAR,italian Lorenzo gorenary’s SONIA’S STORY, pooja makkad’s PASHCHATAAP KI PURNAHUTI including these total 31 films were screened at nile.


Alam Ara and Indian cinema

A lot of important details were given by writer journalist shivanand kambde on the first talking movie of india,alam aara at chamber bhavan.shivanand has written 27 books including 8 on cinema belongs to chattisgarh. His book on aalam aara has got popularity in recent times.

During the session kambde has given detailed information about this film’s content,music,lyrics and artists.emembering the historical screening of this movie,kambde told this film of imperial company was screened at majestic cinema of girgaon at 3o’clock.governor of Mumbai of that time inaugurated this cinema hall.


Indian cinema’s centenary

In Chandramahal ,senior writer and columnist Jaiprakash Chaukse, Ila Arun, Prem Chopra and Prasoon Sinha were present to discuss the centenary of Indian cinema. Jaiprakash Chaukse told about invention of cinema from silent films, sound films, mythology, patriotic films upto current cinema. and many interesting facts related to cinema were elaborated. The movies of three hours is our own invention.the concept of interval was also introduced by us because indian’s are very fond of eating . He added that the cinema of every country is as same as the food of that country. Also he said that the effect of gandhian thoughts were always there in the Indian cinema from the beginning.and it is a harsh reality that however we had forgotten the Gandhi but Indian cinema has kept him alive for 100 years. from Himanshu Rai’s untouchable girl to three idiots whichcrosses 250 crores two years before, there had been the influence of Gandhi.One other interesting information given by Chaukse was that Himanshu Roy had shot his three starting films between 1925-1927 in jaipur .Devika Rani,who was the daughter of rabindra nath tagore’s sister was also attached to NEW THEATRE. Gurudev himself was one of the member in board of directors. Gurudev himself was involved in the New Theatre’s board of directors. Character actor PREM CHOPRA said that the only intention of an actor is to rise above the religion,caste and community and focus on his acting only.their aim is always to get more and more love from from viewers and give back love to them. He said that however cinema has now got the tag of industry, but still support from government is negligible. Government also impose many taxes on film. Service tax is imposed on artists. Government has no control over piracy.also there isn’t too much freedom of expression. Singer ila arun puts her views onfilm music and regional influence.


Digital Film Distribution

Under producer meet, a seminar for new directors on digital film distribution was held at chamber bhavan in which prasoon sinha, b.b nagpal and sameer modi have discussed difficulties in making of films, difficulties in government help and put on their views on e- distribution of films.



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