NewsX Will Bring Fastest Election Results on 23rd May, With Who’s Winning 2019


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NewsX, one of the leading English news channel from iTV network,

will bring to its viewers the fastest results and best analytics of the results of the general elections on the vote counting day, Thursday, 23rd May from 6:00 am onwards.

NewsX will bring to its viewers the most exhaustive special programming, Who’s Winning 2019? On the critical day that will decide the fate of India’s 17th Lok Sabha.

Throughout the counting day, NewsX senior anchors along with some of the eminent political analysts will do the analyses of the voting results and seat tally from the NewsX studios, which will decide the fate of the democracy.

While NewsX reporters will be doing live reporting to bring the latest news on the election results across various constituencies and bring the first reactions on the results and update the viewers.


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