AIDEM Ventures & Entropik Tech Announce Collaboration fills the void marketeers always called out


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AIDEM Ventures, a leading media solutions company, announced their collaboration with Entropik Tech, an Emotion AI led Tech Company, offering a complete suite of emotion recognition technology solutions. AIDEM Ventures (AIDEM), by virtue of providing marketing solutions to its diverse broadcast & asset owners for nearly a decade, has deep and wide relations within the media and marketing eco-system. Entropik Tech, on the other hand, has multi patents applications with working products spanning eye-tracking, facial coding and brain wave mapping.

The Collaboration

AIDEM Ventures & Entropik Tech view this collaboration born out of complementary comptencies. Entropik Tech’s solutions will power AIDEM to offer cutting edge solutions that will fill the void of a non-intrusive, scalable, precise and objective solution across domains like communication (text, video – commercials, short-form and long-form), UI/UX management, product & packaging tests across industries.

The Leaders

Karan Kumar Gupta, MD – Aidem Ventures, stated that “AIDEM has always been not just a pioneer but a visionary in the media solutions domain. Our media independence (non-ownership of media vehicles) and our years of providing media and marketing solutions have always pointed to a growing void which we will now fill and thereby provide a much sought-after solution by marketeers and content makers. We will strive to constantly stay at the edge of change and thereby live up to our ambition of understanding MEDIA so deeply that we express the true reflection of the industry (AIDEM).”

Pradeep Hejmadi, Group CEO – Aidem Ventures added, “Entropiks’ Emotion AI has the potential for magical application that has numerous use cases as-is. What excites us is their “can-do” attitude besides their enormous drive for excellence and innovation – a perfect match with our ethos. First off, this alliance is set to be a game-changer for the media solutions industry. Industries have sought non-intrusive decision-enabling solutions in arenas like communication, content, product, packaging, customer satisfaction, UI/UX measurement & we are proud to answer this call with a powerful product. While the tech stack does most of the heavy lifting on accuracy, reliablility and speed, the AIDEM team will ensure insighting and hence actionability.”

Ranjan Kumar, CEO – Entropik Tech, stated “This Partnership is all set to revolutionize the Consumer research Industry. At Entropik, our mission has been to understand Consumer Behavior in most scientific & scalable way. Inline, Entropik’s Multi Modal Emotion AI platform has been embedded with cutting edge Proprietary Technology like brainwave mapping, eye tracking, and facial coding. These detailed insights into human emotions are converted into actionable data points via our in-house developed algorithm in real time.

Excited about the collaboration, Ranjan stated that “AIDEM with its decade long Media Solution expertise powered with Entropik’s cutting edge Emotion Tech competence will be a powerful ally for Marketers”.

About AIDEM:

AIDEM is India’s largest independent media consulting and marketing solutions company with deep insightful professional relationships across the media industry. Recently completing the 9th year, AIDEM continues to offer robust understanding and coverage of the PAN India market, and has helped turnaround revenues of various television networks that it has had the privilege to manage.

About Entropik Tech:

Entropik Tech is India’s only Emotion AI technology company, providing a complete suite of emotion recognition tech. The solutions are designed to help consumer Brands create impactful data backed decisions to transform their content and product experiences.



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