Sakra World Hospital Conducts Imaging and Coronary Symposium 2018


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The Imaging and Coronary Symposium conducted by Sakra World Hospital aims to showcase a comprehensive review of the existing intravascular imaging techniques.   It aims to educate and encourage doctors to adopt intravascular coronary imaging into their practice.

Angioplasty is a common treatment provided in case of coronary blockages.  Previously, Angiogram technology was used by cardiologist to determine the need, to plan angioplasty.  However, since an Angiogram could only provide a two-dimensional representation of the arteries it gave room for error.  The successful procedure was based on the experienced interpretation and decision-making skills of the doctor. 

With the Intra Vascular Ultra Sound technology it helps the doctors to plan and perform surgeries in a better manner.  “IVUS as a technology works similar to that of ultrasound of the abdomen.  IVUS scans the blood vessels from the inside and helps us to identify the nature of the block, where it is soft or if it contains traces of calcium or if there is a clot.  It helps identify any problematic or complicated areas prior to providing treatment.” said, Dr Sreekanth Shetty, Senior Consultant & Head of Interventional Cardiology, Sakra World Hospital.

While using angiogram to gauge the level of blockage it depends on the visual assessment of the doctor.  The IVUS machine also consists of the Fractional Flow Reserve technology.  The FFR technology uses a thin wire, with a pressure transducer to record the pressure both before and after the blockage.   The machine then calculates the ratio and decide if there is sufficient pressure drop across the block.   If the ratio of the recorder pressure is above a certain digit then the doctor determines the future course of treatment.

“Though IVUS technology has been around for about fifteen years, its entry into the Indian medical practice is fairly recent.  There are very few hospitals across India who utilize IVUS technology to chart treatment process. The current IVUS machine is from Phillips is the latest technology and comes with a 45 megahertz catheter which improves the resolution of the images.” said, Dr.Deepak Krishnamurthy, Senior Consultant – Interventional Cardiology, Sakra World Hospital.

The symposium through case studies, trial data, visual representation showcased the scope of the technology and the necessity to integrate the same into modern cardiological practice. One of the speakers for the program was Dr. Sunao Nakamura, President of New Tokyo Hospital, Japan.  He is a renowned interventional cardiologist well known for his path breaking work in coronary imaging, physiology and interventions.

“The IVUS machine along with its upgraded iFR technology has simplified the process of conducting an angioplasty.  It gives me great pleasure to be a part of this symposium which helps me showcase the benefits of this technology.  It is also a matter of great pride that Sakra World Hospital is one of its early adopters of this technology.  Utilization of IVUs with iFR will help the doctors eliminate the scope of errors due to angiogram.” said, Dr. Sunao Nakamura, President, New Tokyo Hospital, Japan.

The technology helps doctor determine the requirement of angioplasty and avoid the procedure in cases which require just medication to just resolve the condition.

About Sakra World Hospital:


Sakra World Hospital is a 350-bed hospital, providing healthcare across all specialties such as Neuro Sciences, Cardiac Sciences, Orthopedics, Women and Child Health, Digestive and Hepatobiliary Sciences, Renal Sciences, Emergency and Trauma Care. There are 12 integrated modular operation theatres (OTs) with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technologies like OR integration solution that features video input recording, saving and displaying from a range of sources like surgical camera, peripheral camera and MIS camera.


The OT complex has a dedicated world-class Hybrid OT, featuring an intraoperative CT, advanced bi-plane CathLab and a fixed column OT table with common iso-centre for high-precision surgeries. The procedures using bi-plane cath-lab, enable visualization of smaller body parts like thin vessels of the heart and facilitates intra-operative 3D imaging. The 80 ICU beds are supported by high-end equipment with a central monitoring system. This facilitates quick and easy collection / access and transmission of patient’s data to any department in the hospital network. There are dedicated isolation rooms for patients who are highly infection prone.


The 24-hour level 1 emergency and trauma care unit, the first of its kind, is top-notch. To enhance the response time for medical emergencies, the triage area (casualty), resuscitation area (revival), ICU and OT are all located on the same floor. The emergency bay has a mini lab / static lab facility with critical equipment’s such as blood gas analyzer, cell counter etc., to empower doctors in taking quicker and better-informed decision.


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