Dominique Dubosc’s PALESTINE REMEMBERED screened at MIFF 2018


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Delegates at MIFF 2018 were fortunate to see Dominique Dubosc’s PALESTINE REMEMBERED

In July 2002, the illustrator Daniel Maja is invited to Ramallah and Gaza to develop a project for art schools in Palestine, despite the fact that most West Bank cities are under curfew at the time.Dominique Dubosc, the filmmaker, decides to accompany him.The film develops according to their two gazes, which play one against the other, or with the other, in two mediums, throughout the journey.


Dominique’s project was not to account the ‘Maja mission’ (from the beginning doomed to failure because of the curfew imposed on major cities in the West Bank, and Israeli incursions ravaging Gaza), but to create a movie showing Dominique and Maja’s different perspectives. All throughout the spring of 2003, one day a week, Maja agreed to improvise under the eye of the camera, drawing images that evoke both Palestine and a wider world, filled with his usual bestiary.


Dominique then spent several months with an editor to rework the images shot on the spot to give them a painterly quality, and added background music, to evoke a sense of memory. The film that results from these two elaborations is the memory of a journey, or rather, a journey in the memory of two travellers.

.Dominique Dubosc is a French filmmaker who has been making films since 1968. He has a great interest in Palestine and it’s history, which can be found in Dominque’s extensive filmography of over forty works.

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