Hackers are proving to be one up on the IT Infrastructure of nations and organizations


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The World is being constantly rocked by repeated security intrusion events including the debilitating ransomware attacks that we experienced in the past few months. The game is rapidly changing in terms of how we defend our networks and create a more robust mechanism to stop cyber-attacks.​​Hackers are proving to be one up on the IT Infrastructure of nations and organizations. The only way we can succeed in this game is to create a successful cyber defense strategy. One of the key elements of this is to prepare a pool of trained manpower in the area of cyber defense. The skills required for the workforce is changing in nature very rapidly. It is all about defensive security right now and people should be trained on how to detect and deflect these attacks.

As a global leader in developing vendor technology neutral training in IT, especially in the field of cyber security, CompTIA has created a complete entry to mastery level of training and certification on cyber security domain. CompTIA has developed these programs after a thorough investigation of the kind of cyber threats that we observe regularly and also talking to multiple organizations in order to lay down the blue print of the skills that the modern Cyber security professional should have.

Mr. Dennis Kwok, Vice President of APAC has more than 30 years of experience in understanding the market dynamics of IT skill development. He is an expert who is most capable in sharing his view point on how training on cyber security is important for individuals as well as engineers working in the industry.

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