When Colin Farrell kissed director’s wife


By K. Ashwin Mob: 00919920183006 E-mail: indianshowbusiness@gmail.com

Forthcoming film of Sony Pictures Total Recall which releases worldwide on August 3rd stars Actor Colin Farrell, Actress Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel in the lead roles.

Actor Colin Farrell had to kiss Kate in one scene but he found it odd to kiss the actress as she also happens to be wife of Len Wiseman who is the director of the film. When asked about the incident Colin affirmed saying, “Kissing her was a bit tricky because you don’t kiss another man’s woman when he’s looking. It was one of the most uncomfortable days I’ve had on a film set and I’m so glad we didn’t get past first base in the script. But since I had no other way out, I summoned courage and accomplished the feat! Not that Len was worried, but there was a certain anxiousness in his voice when he shouted ‘Cut’.”

Rumour has it Colin has briefly dated Kate before she got married to Len. Now if this is to be believed then Kissing shouldn’t have been a task for Farrell but mere recall of the past!

The film is based on the short story of writer Philip K Dick “We can remember it for you wholesale” and is a remake of the original Total Recall released in 1990. The 1990 release Total Recall starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone and Rachel Ticotin and was directed by Paul Verhoeven.

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