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‘Accessible Films’ Section for The Visually-Impaired at IFFI 2017;opens with ‘Secret Superstar’ & ‘Hindi Medium’


By Stephen Fernandes Mobile: 9820707327  Email: stevfern@gmail.com

Persons with visual impairment often have to rely on their sighted companions to explain the less wordy sections of the film so that they don’t miss out on critical details. Gestures, facial expressions, and other such nuances take the story forward in many ways, but the blind audience remains excluded from these plot progressions. It takes away from the enjoyment of the whole cinematic experience.

There is a need to make audio description mandatory for film makers so that cinema becomes an inclusive source of entertainment for persons with blindness and visual impairment. Read more

Visually Impaired to go Cashless


By Vivek K Mobile: 09920183006  Email:indianshowbusiness@gmail.com

Viviana Mall is coming forward to support India’s initiatives towards a less cash-based economy. With the Government’s ongoing efforts to make India Digitally empowered, Viviana Mall and XRCVC has extended their support to assist visually impaired to go cash less. Read more