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As wedding season is about to swing into high, Le Creuset, an iconic French cookware brand offers a variety of enduring options to gift your loved ones on their special occasion.


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The French carry a heart-warming tradition where a mother hands over her used Le Creuset pot to her daughter; extending a part of her & her unconditional affection on her marriage- the most important occasion in a woman’s life.  A Le Creuset pot that passes the test of time is the most significant way of telling her child that she will be with her always- isn’t that something every mother in India would envisage doing?

A gift is more beautiful if timeless, which makes it an all-time favorite. And what could do this better than a cookware set from the world’s most loved cookware brand. Read more

‘Ultra Cookery’s Facebook’ page features a variety of easy, healthy, delicious & instant global cooking recipe videos each within a span of 3 minutes


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India has always been a vast country with a varied culture. Each culture and region has its own delicacies, secret ingredients, serving and eating habits etc. We at Ultra Cookery have tried to retain that same original essence to its most authentic root. In some of the cases we have tried to innovate and experiment with the original form and have added our own little flavor, just to make it a slightly different experience for our viewers.

https://www.facebook.com/UltraCookery/ :Is an ultimate destination, wherein a series of cookery videos that features healthy, delicious and easy to cook multi-cuisine recipes are uploaded regularly in order to fascinate the food lovers globally. The recipes shown in this series are a mix blend of Innovative and novel techniques that are easy to follow and can be tried by anyone in their kitchen. Without boring you with its long time span, these videos takes you through a quick gastronomical journey of recipes across the globe. Till date there are more than 150 recipes uploaded on the page and have more than 8 lakh regular followers with 4000 number of followers getting added every week.

Be it the Garlic Spaghetti, Mexican Rice Salad, Crispy Onion Pakoda, Mushroom Soup, Gulkand Milkshake, Apple Beetroot Smoothie you will learn to cook all these and many more from this page. Lovers of street food, Chinese, Italian, Continental, Intercontinental & Oriental can also learn to prepare their favorite recipes and surprise their loved ones by simply visiting the “Ultra Cookery” facebook page.

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Ekta Kapoor makes it to Variety’s ‘500 Most Influential’!


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From being the Czarina of Indian television, being a producer who changed the game to now being the only woman entrepreneur to bring a revolutionary change on the digital platform, Ekta Kapoor is truly a force to reckon with! Read more