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Film Director Roopesh Rai Sikand screened his short film “UNFIT” in the capital


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Film Director Roopesh Rai Sikand has recently done the premier of his short film UNFIT in Delhi at Film Division of India. The movie premier was attended by the senior government dignitaries and people from Delhi Social Circle.

The story of the film is about an Eunuch from Rajasthan. He grew up with the poisoned state of mind because of the un-imagined and unexpected ill treatment of his father and society. To suppress this felling of ignorance and anger, he moved to Bollywood industry of Mumbai to pursue his dream to become a successful dancer. He spoilt his adolescence in different hands with no choice. His journey was a platter of thorns. He was a courageous and ambitious heart with broken emotions. He worked at a dance bar experiencing different perceptions. He moved on towards success with tears of tremendous exploitation and harassment through out his walk but finally achieve success. Read more