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As wedding season is about to swing into high, Le Creuset, an iconic French cookware brand offers a variety of enduring options to gift your loved ones on their special occasion.


By K Ashwin Mobile: 09920183006 Email:indianshowbusiness@gmail.com

The French carry a heart-warming tradition where a mother hands over her used Le Creuset pot to her daughter; extending a part of her & her unconditional affection on her marriage- the most important occasion in a woman’s life.  A Le Creuset pot that passes the test of time is the most significant way of telling her child that she will be with her always- isn’t that something every mother in India would envisage doing?

A gift is more beautiful if timeless, which makes it an all-time favorite. And what could do this better than a cookware set from the world’s most loved cookware brand. Read more