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Book Summary by Farmer turned Author: Pandurang Tanaji More


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Pandurang Tanaji More said “inspiration” not “imposition” which produces results , that after going through the agonies of being a farmer, he realised the system had to undergo a transformation, and for that one has to enter politics.


A young and learned man gets up this day late than usual. When he opens the eyes, he feels innovative and different. This is very new to him and he is unconscious of it. He has a family of four people: drunkard father, murmured mother and marriageable sister. He keeps the bed in home, takes bath, eats and follows the street of the cattle house. Aside of the street, there is a hotel of his friend, who calls him to read a newspaper. ‘Thousand billions corruption in river joint project’ this news shocks him terribly, and makes restless without his relation with politics and society. Actually this news is against his moral thinking. On the other hand, his parents hold him responsible for every incident as he does deliberately. Family clash causes to make his life restless and nervous.Every day, he has to face them with no interest.
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