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The Heart Speaks through Cinema:OPEN FORUM at IFFI 2018


By Stephen Fernandes Mobile: 9820707327 Email: stevfern@gmail.com

Cinema has, through the generations, captured the stories and creative inspirations of the filmmakers across the world. Though modern advancements have raised the bar on how films are made, it is the heart of the storyteller that still remains the true essence of the movie. This the panellists on Day 3 of the Open Forum agreed to be the crux of any film making endeavour.

In deliberating on ‘New Media opening new opportunities for the survival of the film industry’, David Shapiro, Uplifting Cinema Pvt. Ltd., from America said that it ‘is the heart that has spoken for thousands of years in theatre and drama and in film.’ He eloquently elaborated, “It’s the same heart that has pulsed through the veins of all these dramas.”

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Nanak Shah Fakir Is The Need Of The Hour Not The Controversy, Speaks The Director


By K Ashwin Mobile: 09920183006 Email:indianshowbusiness@gmail.com

Even as controversies refuse to die down when it comes to the release of Nanak Shah Fakir, director Sartaj Singh Pannu hopes all differences are sorted so that the film actually gets to be seen by people. And no just because he has put his heart and sweat into it, but because the he believes the Nanak’s teachings are exactly what the world needs to be reminded of today… in an age where communal tensions seems to be flaring in almost every corner of the world. Read more