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1st Ranbir Singh memorial lecture​ was organised by Hindustan Socialist Republican Army at ​India International Center on 29th December


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The first Ranbir Singh Memorial Lecture was organised to celebrate Ranbir Singh’s 111th Birthday at India International Centre. Ranbir Singh was a fellow freedom fighter with Bhagat Singh, but he was essentially a a journalist and a literary man. In 1953, he became the Chief Editor of Milap, which has been the largest circulated Urdu daily, since its inception in Lahore. He became treasurer of the All India Newspaper Editor’s Conference (A.I.N.E.C) in 1953, the Secretary General in 1957 and the President in 1967. The Ranbir Singh Archive and lecture series is his grandson, Mr. Anand Kamal Goel’s attempt to keep his legacy alive, while also surfacing the buried stories of the freedom struggle.

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