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Choosing a Latex Mattress – Don’t Lose Sleep Over It!


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Sunday Mattress - Breakfast in bed

Does your mattress really affect your quality of sleep? According to a study by Research Triangle International and Drs. Andy Krystal and Jack Edinger from Duke University, and a research of over 16,000 sleep nights and 128 subjects, the answer is an affirmative yes. Even small differences in mattress support (soft, medium, firm) correlated with changes in sleep and pain. This is a clear indication that mattresses really do matter. Read more

Sleep like Royalty on Bouteak’s Exotic Four Poster Beds!


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Bouteak Four Poster Bed

Bouteak has re-crafted the hallowed Four-Poster Bed to enhance modern bedrooms with a touch of antique-inspired beauty and novelty. The four-poster bed is a large classic decorative bed, with a tall post at each corner: hence the name. A four-poster bed was very popular with the aristocracy (Lords and nobles) in the medieval ages. It usually included an elaborate canopy and curtains, to give them warmth and privacy. Today, these beds provide matchless comfort and regal connotations, with elements of luxury: the posts are merely a décor element! Read more

90% Indians don’t sleep at the right time: Godrej Interio Study


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A recent study conducted by Godrej Interio reveals that sleeping post 10pm clinically declared as the ideal time to go to sleep triggers a change in the sleeping pattern that leads to sleep deprivation. This is irrespective of the number of hours of sleep. The study was conducted across 8,000 Indians living across the metros in India. Godrej Interio , India’s leading furniture brand in both home and institutional segments, launched the sleep@10 campaign last year that focuses on addressing the rising concern over sleep deprivation in India. Over 93% of Indians are sleep deprived!

The study is based on the insights sourced from Indians that have taken their sleep test on the sleep-o-meter hosted on the sleep@10 website. Over 1.5 lacs Indians have taken the sleep test. Mumbai is found to be the most sleep deprived city in India.  The survey also found that nine out of every ten respondents felt dull after they wake up. Around 64% of the respondents admitted that “screen time”, including television and phone, could be delaying their sleep time while 55% of the respondents said they slept after midnight while the ideal time would be around 10 pm. The study further revealed that the problem of not sleeping on time wasn’t only restricted to adults but kids as well wherein only 90% of respondents below 18 yearssleep after leading to sleep deprivation on a rampant rise among the next generation Read more

Quote from Dr Kashmira Jhala (MD, Chest Medicine), Sr. Consultant Pulmonologist, Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad on ‘World Sleep Day’


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Sleep disorder breathing is major but neglected health issue as snoring is believed to be normal and healthy sleep sign. Sleep Apnea is major and common sleep related breathing disorder mainly. It is believed to be more common in obese patients but recent studies depict that it is more common in Asian, lean & thin people also. Initially patient have night time symptoms like heavy snoring , stop breathing at night, poor quality sleep but all the patient is mostly not aware of it. The day time symptoms include morning headache, day time sleepiness, poor concentration at work place, uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus and uncontrolled Hypertension even after regular treatment.

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