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Shaktiman Mukesh Khanna To Take Punjab By Storm


By K. Ashwin Mob: 09920183006 Email: indianshowbusiness@gmail.com

The original Bhishma Pitamaha of TV World and the first superhero of India, Shaktiman, Mukesh Khanna is all set to take the Punjabi film industry by storm with his debut Punjabi film Mawan Thandiyan Chhawan made under the banner Rishiraj Production. Interestingly, despite being a Punjabi himself Mukesh Khanna shied away from Punjabi films for the longest time. Clearing the air about his hesitation he says, “It’s not just Punjabi films, I was a little hesitant about regional cinema in entirety. I have always been known for my dialogues and I use to worry that my USP will get compromised in another language. It took me a while to overcome my reservation but now I really want to contribute to the ever growing Punjabi film industry.”

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