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GJC hosts Preferred Manufacturers of India (PMI 4) – a Grand & Royal Affair in Pink City from 26th to 28th November 2018


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The Indian Gems and Jewellery Industry is all set for a Grand & Royal Jewellery trade show in the Pink City of India! All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC), the apex gem & jewellery trade body is presenting its next in the series of the 4th edition of Preferred Manufacturer of India (PMI). Today, PMI is revered as India’s most premium and exclusive B2B marketing platform in the G&J sector as it not only provides a dedicated platform for focused business but also brings the best leisure and luxury for the industry. During this 3-day convergence event comprising the India’s leading 150 retail jewellers.

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SQC records completion of 15 years as a preferred partner for CMMI Quality benchmarks for Indian Aerospace and Defense industry


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Software Quality Center (SQC) is proud to announce the completion of a glorious 15 years in bringing CMMI, the ‘Gold Standard’ in Quality benchmark to high end Indian Aerospace, Defense and select hi-tech organizations. This has helped Indian industry since the late 1990s to elevate performance and build capability to be globally competitive and also pitch for high value contracts with their customers all over the world.


SQC has been a pioneer since late 1990s in India to help Indian companies to improve using the best practices proven and tested globally, and thereby facilitate competitiveness.


“While everyone wants to credit just the big companies here like Infosys, Wipro and their peers, for pretty much everything, some of the best talent in India resides in Aerospace, Defense, Medical devices and high-tech- and this is the Industry we have solely focused on since our inception in India as well as globally headquartered in the US,” said Krish Puthucode, CEO of SQC. Read more

Bead Chemo Embolisation becoming the most preferred way of treatment for Liver cancer patients


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Hepatocellular carcinoma or HCC is a Primary Liver Cancer (which means it originates in liver and is not because of cancer spread) and is the sixth commonest cancer and the third largest cause of cancer deaths in the world. Treatment of this lethal disease has always been painful, expensive and time consuming. Now with evolving of much safer and targeted intra-arterial treatment called Drug Eluting Bead Chemo Embolisation, also known as DEB-TACE, more and more patients are opting for this revolutionary method.

Trysacryl speheres and Hydrogel spheres made from polyvinyl alcohol are the two types of Drug Eluting Beads available and essentially both work on the same principle. The beads are like “Sago” (Sabudana) seeds that absorb chemotherapy drug called doxorubicin and are released directly in the blood stream into the blood circulation that goes inside the primary liver cancer tumor. They get distributed in capillaries in the entire tumor thus the blood flow to this circulation is blocked by these spheres and they stay inside the tumor and release a very high concentration of chemotherapy drug that kills the tumor cells.

Speaking about this treatment, Dr. Sandip Jhala, Interventional Specialist, Apollo Hospitals-Ahmedabad said “The reason why drug eluting bead chemo-embolisation is fast becoming the most acceptable line of treatment is because these beads have been shown in several studies to effectively destroy the tumor and very little drug goes into circulating blood stream. Read more