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Radio City Collaborates with United Nations Environment Programme to ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ in India


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Radio City, India’s leading radio network announced its association with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as the radio partner for the World Environment Day initiative to be held in India to control plastic pollution. UNEP is an agency of United Nations to coordinate environmental activities, assisting developing countries in implementing environmentally sound policies and practices. Every year, United Nations chooses one country to be a global host to spread environmental awareness, and this year it’s India. Radio City’s consistent effort towards addressing societal issues by leveraging the reach and power of the medium has made it an unrivalled partner for UNEP to amplify this noble cause. Read more

India amongst the nations affected by one of the biggest threats to global health


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India is amongst the world’s largest consumers of antibiotics for human health. A recent white paper by Aetna International titled ‘Antibiotic resistance: Toward better stewardship of a precious medical resource’ highlights the need for immediate action to contain the situation. Multiple factors, such as high burden of disease, poor public health infrastructure, rising incomes and the unregulated sale of cheap antibiotics have amplified the crisis of antibiotics resistance in India. Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is causing around 7 Lakh deaths worldwide and the death toll may reach 1 crore per annum by 2050. Read more

Anand Sharma Urges nations to remain committed to open markets


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Union Minister for Commerce & Industry Anand Sharma has urged the developed nations to remain committed to open markets and zealously guard against protectionism. Speaking at the 21st NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2013 in Mumbai on Wednesday, Mr. Sharma said “I have in all my interactions with leaders of the developed world argued for freer and more open markets, which allow easier movements of professionals.” He observed that historically, the countries tend to look inwards, when faced with recessionary trends and said “this is not the right approach. On the contrary, protectionism becomes counter productive, delaying recovery and deepening recession.”.

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