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DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance hosts the 8th Behtar India Go Green City Summit at Modern School, Barakhamba Road


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Dr. Anshu Sharma, Co-founder, SEEDS India; Mr. Anshuman Verma, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Co. Ltd., Mr. Atul Wassan, Former Cricketer; Moderator; Mr. Naresh Kumar, Chairman, New Delhi Municipal Council and Mr. Kundan Kumar, Director, Midway Water Solutions & Technology Pvt. Ltd.

In a mission to make the cities cleaner, greener and healthier, DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance has organized its 8th Behtar India Go Green City Summit at Modern School, Barakhamba Road in New Delhi today after the grand success of its seven city summits in Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Dehradun and Guwahati respectively. The school earned the coveted distinction of hosting the Behtar India Go Green City summit by recycling 50,801.2 kgs of waste, the most amount collected by any school in the city. Vivekananda School, Anand Vihar secured the second spot for recycling 11,439.9 kgs in total. The second season of Behtar India campaign has moved into its second leg wherein the campaign is being taken across to 10 different cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad among others. Launched last year, the Behtar India campaign supports the community to step forward and help itself in achieving better health, hygiene and environment standards. The eight month long campaign is focused on three main pillars– Health, Hygiene and Environment with recycling as its core theme.

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The Advent Of Modern Fashion. Here’s All You Need To Know.


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Fashion occupies a significant part of your regular lifestyle when spoken about the modern era. A fashion statement is not merely confined to your wardrobes now. In fact, if taken a magnified view, it is wide-spreading from sunglasses, bags, accessories to even shoes. No matter what the weather, scenario or time is, fashion resides in the hearts of the millennial. They always find a way to pamper themselves and spice up their overall look with some cool touch-up tactics.

But there is something really distinctive about the modern fashion statement that this generation flaunts nearly all the time. If you look around, you will find that the youths are highly confident and adventurous about what they wear. This is because, in today’s time, the outfit you casually pick becomes a trend the next moment. The youth says, ‘it’s all about how comfortable you are and how you carry it!’ If you agree too, load your fashion sense with some up-to-the-minute tactics of twenty-eighteen.

Eccentric style statement – The other side of fashion

The eccentric fashion statement is quite popular among the present generation. The gist is to ‘set the odd one in.’ Essentric fashion has become a forte of man, especially who like to be a little out of the track when it comes mainstream fashion statement. Many of you might be able to relate to it. As many times you get a lot of questions from friends or elderly family members about what kind of outfit are you wearing and you do not know how to justify. You don’t have to, because of your signature style; irrespective of whatever it is a part of the style statement carried out by a giant league in the world called Essentric style statement. This includes casual, hippie, girl-next-door, old-school and other relevant dressing trends. All you need to do is carry it like a queen and lead the trend at your best. Take a look at some of the most popular essentric trends.

Dyed out or faded coats

Faded or dyed colors are quite in nowadays. In fact, if you have any old jacket, coat or shrug locked up in your wardrobe for quite a month now, you can simply slip into it without any hesitation. Well, out of those bright, fancy colors that are always the prevailing fashion make yourself the unique one snatching that limelight that too in a care-free way! Faded coats are really in-trend now, and they look just great with dark colored t-shirts or tops. You can wear some additional accessories too

Mixing and matching leggings as trousers

A factor that might interest you about leggings is that it is often worn as pants nowadays. We know leggings as a counterpart of either a long shirt or a traditional Kurtis. Well, the notion has slightly shifted from the mainstream axis in today’s time. The leggings are no more confined to that material, fit or texture. There are innumerable varieties of bottom wears that you can pair with even your tank tops among which the soch dresses are the most popular ones currently. The fit is not so pencil or choose neither are the seams prominent. You can pair the leggings up with any type of tops without any hesitation. Listed below are some of the cool types of bottom-wears that you can check out this season! Read more

UZI Defender Tactical Pens: modern defense systems for women


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Tactical Glassbreaker Pen in Gray - 2,200

William Penn presents the UZI Defender Tactical Pens, from a renowned Israel brand that specializes in making instruments for self-defense (used and trusted by the Army, Secret Service, and Special Forces). These pens, specially designed for women to use in emergencies, have never-before-seen features like ‘glass breakers’ (to use in the event of being locked in a car or taxicab); DNA catchers (where the assailants’ DNA can be captured on the pen); apart from LED keys and handcuff keys. Made of lightweight titanium and aircraft aluminum, some of the toughest materials known to man, they last a lifetime and write beautifully too! Read more

Changing roles of a modern day father


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Prajodh Rajan Co-founder and Group CEO EuroKids International

Long gone are the age old established gender stereotypes that saw mothers and fathers adhering to societal expectations of their parenting roles. The role of a modern parent is much more diversified, with mums and dads now fulfilling a range of non-traditional duties. While a large focus is put on the impacts of these changes for mums, this change has been greatly significant for men as well. Read more

Exploring the Complexities of Modern Love Stories – COLORS Launches Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka


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Aditi Sharma, Shakti Arora, Drashti Dhami & Abhinav Shukla at the launch of COLORS' SILSILA_Badalte rishton ka

Emotions strengthen in the moment and can change at any time. While we live in an era of ease of access and convenience, relationships today are more complicated than ever before. Highlighting such complexities of modern day relationships, COLORSis all set to strengthen its position in the fiction show category with the launch of Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka,a show that explores the relationship of two modern-day couples. Produced by ‘Sphere Origin’ the show has a stellar cast which includes Shakti Arora essaying the role of Dr. Kunal Malhotra, Aditi Sharma as Mauli Malhotra, Drashti Dhami as NandiniRajdeep Thakurand Abhinav Shukla as Rajdeep Thakur. The show premiereson 4thJune and will air every Monday to Friday at 10 p.m. only on COLORS.  Read more

The Embassy of Israel in association with the National Gallery of Modern Art Proudly Present: “TO THE END OF LAND”


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The Embassy of Israel in India in association with the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi and the Petach Tikva Museum of Art is proud to announce a first of its kind Israeli modern art exhibition in New Delhi. The exhibition, titled “To The End of Land”, will revolve around man’s connection with land, territory, locality and identity in innovative modern art pieces and installations. The exhibition is a collection of art creations of 19 Israeli artists, including the internationally acclaimed Shahar Marcuswho will perform at the exhibition opening. Read more

Modern, for me, is a state of mind, says Sabyasachi Mukherjee at India Today Conclave 2018


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At the India Today Conclave 2018, ace fashion designers Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Naeem Khan got candid with Harper’s Bazaar India Editor, Nonita Kalra, during a session called Front Row: Reinventing the Classic Speakers. Read more