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Liver transplant on youngest recipient in Western India at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai


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From left, COO Santosh Marathe, Director Medical Services Dr. Prasad Muglikar, HPB and Transplant surgeon, Dr. Darius Mirza, CEO Dr. Narendra Trivedi, Group Medical Director Dr. Anupam Sibal, Pediatrician, Dr Vijay Yevale (in blue), Dr. Abhijeet Badde (in white), Dr. Vikram Raut, HPB and Liver transplant specialist

In a milestone achievement, Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai, the advanced multi-specialty tertiary care centre, today announced on performing successful liver transplant on a 4-month old infant from Tanzania, the youngest ever recipient in Western India. The life-saving procedure marks a breakthrough in Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai’s Liver Transplant program, which has to date seen over 30 liver transplants being performed successfully since its launch. The infant was suffering from a congenital condition of the liver, ‘Biliary Atresia’ which had blocked the bile flow from the liver causing irreversible damage and scarring of the liver cells. The living-donor transplant came from the infant’s father who donated a portion of his healthy liver to his child. Read more

Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS) ranked 8th amongst Top medical colleges in India by NIRF


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The Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, a 217 bedded Super Specialty institute specializing in treatment of liver disorders, has emerged as a top medical college and institute in the country, according to the rankings recently released by the National Institute Ranking Framework or NIRF on 3rd April 2018. For an institute only ten years old, this achievement comes as a resounding recognition of the trail blazing work done by the doctors and staff of ILBS.

The institute emerged as one of the only two top ten ranked institutes from Delhi in the countrywide rankings, the other being the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Being the youngest institute in the fray, most other institutes in the top 25 ranked colleges were decades old well established medical colleges in the country.

The institute scores 57.12 overall, well ahead of reputed institutes like AMU, Jamia, UCMS and Kasturba Medical College. It was also ranked second overall in the country according to the parameter Teaching, Learning and Resources which includes Student Strength, Faculty-student ratio, Combined metric for Faculty with PhD (or equivalent) and Experience, and Total Budget and Its Utilisation. On this parameter the institute scores 84.95 out of 100, behind only AIIMS. Read more

Apollo Hospitals- Navi Mumbai performs liver transplant on a one-year-old baby


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Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai, Advanced Multi-Speciality Tertiary Care, successfully performed a liver transplant on a critically ill one-year-old baby in February. He is the the smallest baby at 6.5 kgs to have undergone a liver transplant in Maharashtra. The baby’s aunt Divya, donated a part of her liver.

Master Ram Mistry was diagnosed with end stage liver disease due to a rare congenital condition called Biliary Atresia, which progressed to advanced liver cirrhosis within months of his birth. The parents of the baby, Ishani Mistry, mother and Pritesh Mistry, father are based in Gujarat. Finding a team familiar with transplanting small babies and managing the cost of treatment were the biggest concerns for the Mistrys.

This is when an NGO called ‘Transplants – Help the Poor’ Foundation stepped in. A combination of charitable donations from the above NGO, some funding arranged by the family and crowd funding through Ketto.com, contributed the bulk of the transplant costs.  Contributions from Tata Foundation Trust and a grant from the Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai CSR unit made up the difference, allowing baby Ram to have his life saving transplant.

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Bead Chemo Embolisation becoming the most preferred way of treatment for Liver cancer patients


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Hepatocellular carcinoma or HCC is a Primary Liver Cancer (which means it originates in liver and is not because of cancer spread) and is the sixth commonest cancer and the third largest cause of cancer deaths in the world. Treatment of this lethal disease has always been painful, expensive and time consuming. Now with evolving of much safer and targeted intra-arterial treatment called Drug Eluting Bead Chemo Embolisation, also known as DEB-TACE, more and more patients are opting for this revolutionary method.

Trysacryl speheres and Hydrogel spheres made from polyvinyl alcohol are the two types of Drug Eluting Beads available and essentially both work on the same principle. The beads are like “Sago” (Sabudana) seeds that absorb chemotherapy drug called doxorubicin and are released directly in the blood stream into the blood circulation that goes inside the primary liver cancer tumor. They get distributed in capillaries in the entire tumor thus the blood flow to this circulation is blocked by these spheres and they stay inside the tumor and release a very high concentration of chemotherapy drug that kills the tumor cells.

Speaking about this treatment, Dr. Sandip Jhala, Interventional Specialist, Apollo Hospitals-Ahmedabad said “The reason why drug eluting bead chemo-embolisation is fast becoming the most acceptable line of treatment is because these beads have been shown in several studies to effectively destroy the tumor and very little drug goes into circulating blood stream. Read more