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“Children’s Day” – 14th November : “Khilauna” (Toy) – Internationally acclaimed short film will be released…


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Khilauna (Toy) are our first playmates after we are born & they often play a significant role in formulating a happy & en engaging childhood for us. They play such a crucial role in shaping us up in our phase of growing up as a toddler to a slightly grown up one. In this film these toys allow Raju ( the protagonist ) to build an imaginary world, which is far away from his childhood ridden with poverty, The Toys here becomes the core essence of his life and makes him build an imaginary world away from his daily misery. However, the film shows that how these very toys though brings solace to Raju, it also creates a cause of a series of contradicting emotions between him and his poor mother, Sarita. The story revolves around the relationship of the mother and son with each other and their individual relationship with these toys. Read more

“Khilauna” – Internationally acclaimed short film to be released this “Children’s Day” – 14th November


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Rajat Agrawal

Rajat Agrawal – a 23 year young film maker whose internationally acclaimed short film “Khilauna” gets released online on 14th November 2017, Tuesday to celebrate “Children’s Day”.  Khilauna was also the only film from India amongst 6 films worldwide that was selected for screening in the “Young Filmmaker Showcase category ( 18 – 25 years)” at the “ Urban World Film Festival “ – (An Oscar qualifying film festival ) for the “Best Short Film” category for the 90th Oscar awards scheduled on March 4th 2018.

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