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How to increase awareness regarding investments in India


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In developing nations like India, China, and other SAARC countries, financial literacy is still under an evolutionary process. The masses have low to medium knowledge about making investments or the importance of having regular income from assets held. When the Central Government changed in India in 2014, the Prime Minister launched one of the many schemes to enable financial inclusion in the country – the ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’. This scheme targeted financial inclusion in the country and was an attempt to aid investment in bank deposits on a micro level.


Bringing awareness about investments is a difficult task, due to various reasons: the nature of the subject, difficulty in earning the trust of investors, persuading investors to opt for a certain investment vehicle over the other, perception of risks of fraudulent schemes, the digitisation of investments etc. Indians by their very nature are usually conservative, and often are apprehensive about investing, due to the low scale of financial literacy and inclusion in the country.


Here are some ways by which an awareness about investments can be brought about:


Simplifying content: Education in India is fact-based, instead of being practical. Investment education should ideally be incorporated in the high school, graduate and postgraduate curriculum in an increasing order of complexity. Learning about investments must not be only restricted to students of commerce or finance. Being a practical life skill, this subject should be simplified and compiled to fit educational institutions’ syllabi. Read more

Hyundai Announces Price Increase for Grand i10 Model Up to 3%


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Hyundai Motor India Ltd. (HMIL), the country’s second largest car manufacturer and the number one car exporter since inception today announced a price increase up to 3% on GRAND i10 due to increase in input and material costs. The revised prices will be implemented from August 2018.

Retailers could increase annual revenue by as much as 5% by investing in cybersecurity measures that shoppers trust


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A new report by Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute has revealed that cybersecurity is a new source of competitive advantage for retailers. It calls for more organizations to align cybersecurity policies with customer expectations in order to take advantage of this opportunity. The report, Cybersecurity: The New Source of Competitive Advantage for Retailers demonstrates that consumers are increasingly aware of security breaches in retail and are willing to spend more with retailers who demonstrate robust cybersecurity capabilities. Based on average annual consumer spending, this equates to a potential annual revenue uplift of 5.4%.

The new report, which surveyed over 6,000 consumers and 200 retail executives found that 77% of consumers ranked cybersecurity as the third most important factor when selecting retailers, behind product availability and quality, and above traditional factors including pricing and brand reputation. Strong cybersecurity measures increase customer satisfaction by 13%; while 40% of consumers would be willing to increase their online spend by at least 20% more with retailers they trust. The report revealed that retailers who are able to adopt advanced cybersecurity measures could drive a 5.4% uplift in annual revenue. Read more

Telekom Malaysia Implements AssistEdge to Increase Efficiency and Productivity


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EdgeVerve Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infosys (NYSE: INFY), announced the successful implementation of AssistEdge at Telekom Malaysia (TM), under the OVAL (One View Application Layout) program. Telekom Malaysia is the country’s convergence champion and the leading converged communications services provider. AssistEdge from EdgeVerve Systems has played a pivotal role in automating processes, driving efficiency and productivity across the customer service centers of Telekom Malaysia and has significantly reduced the average call handling time, resulting in enhanced customer experience.



  • ·         The solution enables a single window dashboard for all contact centre applications making it easier for agents to navigate the systems
  • ·         AssistEdge allows TM to automate all the relevant data required by agents, thereby enabling faster query resolution and enhance customer experience
  • ·         With this implementation, the overall time required to update all systems is reduced, thus boosting productivity and operational efficiency


Telekom Malaysia offers a comprehensive range of communication services and solutions in broadband, data and fixed-line. With AssistEdge, TM is delivering an enhanced customer experience through continuous customer service quality improvements and innovations. Read more