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The makers of Haq Se were present at the trailer launch of the web series.


By  K Ashwin  Mobile: 09920183006  Email:indianshowbusiness@gmail.com

The makers of Haq Se were present at the trailer launch of the web series. Read more

Alt Balaji’s newest web series Haq Se starring the charming pair Rajeev Khandelwal and Surveen Chawla will be releasing on the platform soon.


By  K Ashwin  Mobile: 09920183006  Email:indianshowbusiness@gmail.com

Alt Balaji’s newest web series Haq Se starring the charming pair Rajeev Khandelwal and Surveen Chawla will be releasing on the platform soon. In order to give the series a cinematic feel, the makers, Manor Rama Pictures, shot in real life locations like Manali and also created several elaborate sets in Mumbai.

“We shot for over a month in Manali. The actors have worked extremely hard and trekked up and down the mountains; there were times when there was no access to cars or buses and everyone adjusted so much. Each and every actor on the show has been so diligent, from being ready on time in the freezing cold to giving top notch performances regardless of the temperatures. Each prop, every single thing was sourced locally from Kashmir or designed from scratch, same goes for every costume,” said Karan Raj Kohli, co-founder Manor Rama Pictures.

He continued, “We started casting as soon as we finalized the story. We are extremely excited to work on Haq Se considering so many film centric names are attached to it. It was an absolute pleasure working with Rajeev, Surveen and the director Ken Ghosh who held numerous workshops with the actors to better the nuances of their characters. Our DOP, Anubhav Bansal has added a lot of value to the look and feel of the show” however, (Viraj and) I have to say that my favourite actor on the show has been Aanchal (Bano). She hasn’t only been an absolute pleasure to work with but has also made the character shine through. We really see her going a long way considering this is one of her first projects.” Read more

Haq Se was in the making for 2 years!


By K Ashwin  Mobile: 09920183006  Email:indianshowbusiness@gmail.com

Alt Balaji’s next digital series Haq Se starring Rajeev Khandelwal and Surveen Chawla is all set to go online worldwide in early 2018. Inspired from Louisa May Alcott’s bestselling novel Little Women, the digital series has been in the making for the past 2 years!

The makers of the series Manor Rama Pictures wanted to give the series a larger than life film like treatment. “Ekta being a dear friend, together we decided to collaborate on Haq Se, based on Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel Little Women. Considering, the modern feel attached to the story, we needed to Indianise it so that it could appeal to the masses,” said Karan Raj Kohli, co-founder, Manor Rama Pictures. Read more