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Bring more supervillains like Mogambo and Gabbar Singh, says Alex Reece


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“Bollywood once created supervillains like Mogambo (Mr India), Shakaal (Shaan) and Gabbar Singh (Sholay). These characters instilled fear in the minds of audiences. It’s been quite a while, and Bollywood seems to have forgotten the art of creating supervillains,” rues Alex Reece.

The British Hollywood actor who made his debut in Indian cinema this year, received acclaim for his role as the main villain in the Diljit Dosanjh-starrer Sajjan Singh Rangroot. Alex goes on to explain what makes negative characters tick. “More than romance, action or comedy, it is thrill that grips the mind of viewers. Don’t forget that fear is the strongest emotion a human being has. Even stronger than love.” Read more



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Shruti aces the scene with 100 crore hits across all three languages – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu

Shruti Haasan

It can be clearly stated without any doubt that 2015 has been a power packed year for Shruti Haasan. An actress, who’s a noteworthy name across all the three industries she works in : Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, Shruti has managed to Read more

SHOLAY and GABBAR Graphic Novels released : Graphic India


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Graphic India and Sholay Media and Entertainment announced today that for the first time, fans of the epic film SHOLAY will now get to experience a new graphic novel interpretation of the secret history of one of Indian cinemas most legendary pop-culture icon’s – Gabbar Singh. Experience the comic book story that imagines the legend of Bollywood’s greatest cinematic villain, the infamous bandit, Gabbar Singh who has captivated audiences for over 30 years! Journey to his past and witness the never before seen tragic and twisted story of revenge and redemption that turned an ordinary boy into India’s most famous and feared villain!

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