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7 facts unveiled by Sanjay Khan in his autobiography – The Best Mistake of my Life


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On October 28th, Bollywood’s veteran actor, Sanjay Khan launched his autobiography, ‘The Best Mistake of my life’ in a star-studded event in Mumbai.

Known to be one of the best-looking actors, Sanjay Khan marked his presence with movies like Abdullah, Mera Vachan Geeta ki Qasam, Mastan Dada and also worked on the famed television series ‘The Sword of Tipu Sultan’. Despite the struggles, Sanjay Khan did not let go of hope, happiness, and love.

If you haven’t yet picked up ‘The Best Mistake of my Life’ yet, here are seven reasons why you already should have! -

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5 interesting facts about Jack Ryan that make it the most awaited action adventure show of 2018


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John Krasinski who has previously starred in The Office and A Quiet Place will be seen in the upcoming Prime Original series, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. The series will premiere on 31st August 2018 and finds the actor in a completely new look as a world-class spy from the paper salesman he used to be in The Office. Krasinski is the latest face of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan character after Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Chris Pine and Ben Affleck.

In the trailer, Jack Ryan is sent into the field for the first time instead of his CIA desk job after he discovers a deadly money trail that spells doomsday for the USA.  Here are some fascinating unknown facts that are sure to pump you up for the show’s release in less than a month.

1. John Krasinski has performed most of the stunts himself while shooting the first season of the show Read more

5 Facts One Must Know About Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs


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A still from Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson has good news for all dog lovers as the American film director is all set to release his upcoming film, Isle of Dogs. That’s right! You heard me. Isle of Dogs is about a 12 year old boy who goes in search of his dog on Trash Island where Japan’s Megasaki City has banished all their dogs due to the epidemic of a dog flu. With its witty dialogues, colourful characters and retro-futuristic textures, this movie has definitely a lot to offer to the world.

Here are 5 facts one must know about the film:

  1. Isle of Dogs is set against a futuristic Japanese backdrop where the alpha dogs help the little one find his best friend. As Japan celebrates this year as the year of Dogs along with China starting February 16, 2018, the film might be deliberately set to release this year. Read more

Top 3 facts you must know about the title of the Oscar-nominated film- THE SQUARE


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Oscar-nominated Film ’The Square’ is all set to release in Mumbai on 16th March 2018. Starring actors Claes Bang, Dominic West, Elizabeth Moss and Terry Notary, the movie is directed by award-winning Swedish film-maker Ruben Ostlund is a funny satire featuring different aspects of an urban lifestyle and a hilarious take-down of arrogance and elitism found in upper-middle-class art circles. The director of the film has done an extensive research and combined few real-life experiences for the audience to relish/enjoy.


List down below are top 3 facts you must know about the title of the film;

1.      The film’s title THE SQUARE is taken from the name of a real project exhibited in 2014 at the Vandalorum Museum in the South of Sweden. Here, it means a sanctuary of trust and caring intended to build a social consensus amongst others and to establish the duty to act and react if one needs help.

2.      ‘The Square’ is a place of humanitarian values, drawing on the ethics of reciprocity that appears in nearly every religion following the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Read more