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Hyderabad Showcases the Importance of Exercise and Healthy snacking, with Almonds


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Almonds – commonly known as the king of nuts are not only versatile, crunchy and delicious but also offer natural goodness in every bite. They contain many essential nutrients, including protein and healthy fats, making them a nutrient-rich and convenient snack that can help keep you going throughout the day. Popular Chef B. Kumar andrenowned Nutritionist Harini Balaconducteda live cooking demonstration and a presentation on learnings from various nutrition studies on the health benefits of almonds. The interactive session also included a live demonstration by respected Fitness ExpertSalman Ali Khan who spoke about the importance of following a regular exercise regime in addition to a healthy diet including almonds. Read more

Sedentary lifestyle and no time for exercise is leading to critical illness: ICICI Lombard survey


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  • Women in metro cities pay more attention to their health in comparison to the counterparts in
    non-metro cities
  • 68% Women in metros feel that physical activity is important
  • Overall, only 33% of women are paying attention to their own health
  • 79% women get health check up, but mostly once in 2 years
  • 29% still feel health check up is not required

ICICI Lombard, a one of the leading general insurance company in India, has commissioned a survey on women’s awareness on health and critical illness. The survey was conducted with an aim to accelerate dialogue around various aspects of women being aware of their own health and wellness. The survey involved online quantitative interviews with 1000 working women, aged 22 – 45 years, across eight locations including metro and non-metro cities. Read more