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Effective Methods to Improve Transparency in Commodity Market


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Commodity trading in India is as old as the Indian civilisation itself. For centuries India has being a destination for traders from all over the world who would come to India to conduct trade and commerce with Indian traders selling textiles, spices, teas, precious stones etc.


What is Commodity Market?

The Commodity Market is a marketplace wherein individual trade in commodities. It can be terms similar to the equity market, but traders buy and sell commodities instead of shares.


The Indian commodity market has revolved several times in the last few centuries and has transformed into a sophisticated electronic platform from its original roots of the barter system of commodity trading.

The different type of commodities sold on the commodities market is precious and basic metals, agriculture-based products, energy, live-stock etc.

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Stainless steel is the most cost effective, hygienic and viable metal for sugar industry, finds a study


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Abhyuday Jindal MD Jindal Stainless (Right) with Joint Secreatry (Sugar) Govt of India Mr SK Vashisht

Corrosion and rapid wear of equipments, that transform cane sugar to refined white sugar, are the two major problems that afflict the growth of sugar industry. A technical study supported by Jindal Stainless Ltd along with JP Mukherjee & Associates, a global sugar industry consultant has concluded stainless steel as the best material for use in sugar industry. This joint study was undertaken to identify issues and recommend the best material for sugar industry equipments. The study was released today at the annual convention of Sugar Technologists’ Association of India in Indore. Commenting on the release of study, Managing Director, Jindal Stainless, Mr Abhyuday Jindal said, “Corrosion, the biggest challenge in the sugar industry can be easily countered with stainless steel. This report reiterates the strengths of stainless steel as a low maintenance, corrosion free, easy to fabricate and hygienic metal along with longer life cycle. The study points that sugar industry will stand to benefit economically with stainless steel solutions as corrosion related losses will reduce drastically by almost 50%”. As per industry estimates, losses due to corrosion in sugar industry is as high as US $ 250 million annually in India. Read more