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This Budget will provide the much needed stimulate to the Indian Economy, says Dr. Ajeenkya DY Patil


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Dr. Ajeenkya DY Patil, Chairman, Ajeenkya D Y Patil Group

Speaking on the Budget day, Dr Ajeenkya Patil, Chairman, Ajeenkya D Y Patil Group, opined “Piyush Goyal has maintained the delicate balance between the urban and rural sector in this budget. He has provided the much needed stimulus to the Indian economy in the form of tax reliefs and this I believe in turn will boost consumption.

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58% Successful Gig Economy Professionals are Women: Flexiorg Study


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The new phenomenon of Gig Economy has empowered and opened up a wealth of opportunity for students, workers & professionals in both male & female category. However as per a study conducted by FlexiOrg, a global platform for transparent staffing solution, it has been found that women have been majorly impacted with Gig Work Economy.

The study which surveyed, 2500 female gig workers in the India, explored the reasons why women have taken gig jobs, the income they make, which jobs are the most popular for women, and the drawbacks of gig work for women, among other issues.

Some 58% of female gig workers surveyed were between 18-35 years old, 30% were 35-50, and 12% were 51-65. Most were educated, with 88% of female gig workers reported that they had completed at least some college. And 70% said they were the primary caregivers for their family.

In study, it was found that almost One third, around 33%of female gig workers reported that they are managing their job and gig assignment as well, while 48% left their jobs continued their career as a gig worker as they get equal treatment, flexibility of work and good remuneration on the basis of assignment. Twenty-eight percent needed time to care for a family member. Wanting a career change was the reason cited by 23% of female gig workers and 14% turned to gig work after being laid off. However for female legal workers, that figure is 42%. Out of the total number of female gig workers, 32% said they took on the work because they wanted to leave more stressful jobs.

63 percent of female gig workers rely on gig work as their primary source of income. The study shows that 82% of female gig workers see their jobs as providing an opportunity for equal pay.

The core reason of joining Gig work was Flexible hours, No Commute, Variety of Projects to work and more personal time. Almost all female gig workers (90%) said they would recommend gig work to a female friend, 57% said they don’t want their children to take gig work, which highlights that these jobs are still far from ideal source of income. Read more

Indians Cautiously Optimistic About its Economy


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India’s economic confidence improved marginally due to falling food inflation, stabilisation of rupee and steady growth of exports which has helped to narrow the CAD, according to a report by global research firm Ipsos.  According to the “Ipsos Economic Pulse of the World” study, India’s economic confidence increased marginally by 1 point to 52 percent in the month of December 2013 compared to previous month. India continues to hold the number 7 position as the most economically confident country in the world after Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Germany, Canada, Australia and China.

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