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Why is cosmetic treatment a taboo in our country, explains celebrity Dr. Monica Kapoor


By  K Ashwin  Mobile: 09920183006  Email:indianshowbusiness@gmail.com

Ours is the country where aesthetic appearance is the parameter for acceptance. This is the reason why showbiz industry is going gaga over the new cool i.e Cosmetic treatment. What’s ironical is that despite the wide popularity, people (actors specifically) resort to denial and prefer to stay tight-lipped. Read more

Dr. Monica Kapoor spoke about how she met ‘Raja Babu’ of Bollywood


By K Ashwin  Mobile: 09920183006  Email:indianshowbusiness@gmail.com

B-town is an industry where hunky physique and sexy looks rule. An appealing appearance has given uplift to the drowning careers of innumerable actors. And this is when cosmetic treatments come to the rescue. Even superstars like Govinda, who have been known for their acting skills, Did N’t hesitate in the opening about the idea of ​​cosmetic treatments. After all, it’s a need for an actor to look his best no matter how talented he is.  Read more