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Digital technology with clinical expertise, a game changer for primary health care sector in India


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-By Manasije Mishra, Managing Director, Indian Health Organisation & Aetna India

Indian healthcare is characterized by a lack of access to robust primary care system, increasing medical expenses and a poor doctor to patient ratio. In urban India, there is a focus on tertiary care with significant investments in high-quality corporate hospitals. We in India, tend to ignore symptoms, take self-medication or take advice from friends, family and unqualified people around us. When matters become serious, we tend to go directly to a specialist or super specialist doctor. This often leads to poor clinical outcomes and higher costs. This is unlike in more advanced countries, where a primary care doctor, who knows the patients’ medical and family history, coordinates preventive care, acts as a guide and gatekeeper in providing early diagnosis and treatment. The neglect of primary care in India is one of the reasons of the increasing disease burden and medical costs. E-healthcare has the potential to make quality healthcare accessible and improve the quality of primary health care. Read more

CARE IPO Anchor Investors


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Credit Analysis and Research Limited (the “Company”)has finalized the allocation of 1,079,954 Equity Shares (15% of the total Offer of 7,199,700 Equity Shares) to 12 Anchor investors at Rs. 750 (upper end of the Price Band) aggregating to Rs. 809.96 million (Rs. 80.99 crore). The Anchor Investors’ list includes Goldman Sachs, Tata AIA Life Insurance, Birla Sun Life, Sundaram MF, Reliance Capital, Franklin Templeton MF and HDFC Trustee Co. Ltd. amongst others.

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Akshay Kumar to launch Aaj Tak Care Awards


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Akshay Kumar to launch Aaj Tak Care Awards.

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