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CASE India launches an advanced version of its EAGLE EYE TELEMATICS solution A solution with better operational efficiency and security


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From L to R - Mr. Ajay Aneja,Brand Leader,CASE India, Mr. Raunak Varma,Country Manager,CNH Industrial, India and Mr. Sahadev V. Panch,Regional Business Responsible,Commercial Vehicle and Off- Road,BOSCH India at the launch of CASE India's advanced version of its EAGLE EYE TELEMATICS solution.

CASE Construction Equipment, a brand of CNH Industrial, today launched an advanced version of its EAGLE EYE TELEMATICS developed in association with BOSCH at BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA being held at Gurgaon.

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Cinépolis Installs India’s Most Technically Advanced Laser Cinema Projector in Bangalore


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Cinépolis, India’s 1st international and the world’s 2nd largest movie theatre circuit by attendance in India, has always introduced the Indian market to new and advanced technology, with an aim to offer unmatched cinema viewing experience to the patrons. To continue the pioneering spirit, India got its first advanced ‘DP4K-60L’ digital cinema laser projector today with the launch of LASER Audi at Cinépolis Royal Meenakshi, Bangalore.

With this launch, Cinépolis India has disrupted cinema projection with the most technically advanced projector to provide a refreshing and never before movie viewing experience to its patrons. Cinépolis prides itself in offering customers “an intimate, pampering experience” at its upscale cinemas. The state-of-the-art and technologically advanced projector, delivers crystal-clear images, coupled with powerful digital sound system, creating a unique environment for the Bangalore movie patrons. Read more



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Ranjit Thakur (Founder & President of Krian Media) addressing the conference

Ranjit Thakur, the man who pioneered the 2K Digital Cinema Deployment concept in India is back again, though this time with a more meaningful, DCI Compliant Digital Cinema Deployment Plan that will change the course of how movies are released in India. The country has about 12,500 operational screens as on date out of which as many as 8,000 odds are using Non- DCI platform on which Hollywood does not play its films. The current framework of the entire system of digital cinema in India does not exactly benefit the exhibitors or the producers at large.


Krian Media through its new plan aims to eradicate the compete use of the Non-DCI platform in India getting it upto global DCI standards followed around the world thereby hugely increasing the footprint for the release of Hollywood films in India. Read more

MIAL inducts first of its kind advanced emergency passenger evacuation vehicle for all types of aircrafts


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GVK Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL), the company that administers the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) inducts first of its kind Advanced Passenger Evacuation Vehicle for rescuing stranded personnel from inaccessible areas of aircrafts. The vehicle covers all types of aircraft currently used in the Aviation industry, including A380 which is the biggest civilian aircraft available today.

This highly developed vehicle will be used for rescuing stranded personnel, wherein conventional alighting systems cannot be employed. In the unlikely event of an aircraft veering away from its normal path, this equipment can be rushed to the spot and the attached ladder can be extended up to aircraft door for passengers or crew to be safely evacuated. Read more

Master Carbon SEAL:Brand New Colorways Introduced for the Most Advanced Navy SEAL Collection


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Luminox’s Master Carbon SEAL is the most advanced and lightweight watch within the entire SEAL collection. Now with the launch of two brand new colorways for 2018, Luminox is excited to share an updated take on the most innovative model.

Luminox’s Master Carbon SEAL collection is known for being rugged, ultra-lightweight and boasting with the utmost durability and toughness. The hi-tech carbon compound, CARBONOX+™, creates an ultra-strong, durable and scratch resistant watchcase that is three times lighter than Titanium. While the formal navy blue dial and blue strap combination that launched in 2017 is a winning combination that will never go out of style, Spring 2018 introduces pops of orange throughout the bezel with both grey and blue dial options.  Read more

XLRI Collaborates with Institute for Advanced Studies in Complex Choices to Host the ‘IASCC Leadership Conclave’


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XLRI- Xavier School of Management collaborates with Institute for Advanced Studies in Complex Choices to host the ‘IASCC Leadership Conclave – Choices in a Growth-Constrained, Information-Age Economy’ on August 10th – 11th, 2018 at JW Marriott, Juhu in Mumbai.

The Leadership Conclave aims to be a platform for dialogue between research and practice. It would focus on building a shared perspective on issue of current interest and outline the agenda for future research in the area.

Prof. Anil K Sood, founder IASCC, mentioned, “The Conclave is the first step in realizing our vision of advancing the science and practice of making choices for both individuals and organisations. We plan to invest in building an eco-system of organisations and professions who share our purpose.”

The Conclave will focus on identifying the underlying causes that are limiting the short- as well as long-term growth potential. Growth is a function of investment by individuals, organisations and the government. It is these investment choices that determine earnings and consequently the consumption and investment levels in an economy. Credit can’t solve the problem of growth. It can accelerate growth for some time and is not a substitute for earnings. In the long-run, individual earnings must go up to sustain growth. IASCC will present initial findings of their research at the Conclave.

Elaborating about the Conclave, Prof. P. Venugopal, XLRI said, “The purpose of the Conclave is to build a shared perspective on choice of strategy in a Growth-Constrained Information-Age Economy and outline the agenda for future research on choice of growth strategy. XLRI has collaborated with IASCC Leadership Conclave as the Knowledge Partner.” Read more



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Advanced Hair Studio (AHS), world’s largest hair replacement and re-growth company is observing International Yoga Day 2018 at all its centers pan India.  AHS, as a responsible corporate has always highlighted the importance of a healthy mind and body for lustrous hair as the fitness of the body automatically leads to improving the hair condition. Yoga practice heals inside out and each asana helps in rejuvenating our body, mind and helps in hair growth as well.

The CEO & MD, Middle East & India Sub Continent of Advanced Hair Studio, Mr. Sanket Shah said “Fit and healthy living, healthy body, healthy hair; all are symbiotic to each other. Fitness aids hair rejuvenation and growth as a healthy body forthrightly reflect on the hair. Though, yoga is an ancient practice, it has never lost its lure and is practiced by top professionals, international celebrities and common people as well. We are quite excited about our initiative and we hope that through this people come to realize the importance of a fit body all around”.  He further added, “A graced mane not only adds to the appearance; but adds multi-fold to persona, self-confidence and spirit with the feel good factor. Advanced Hair Studio is committed to providing the best off the world procedures to help you be your flamboyant self; free of any inhibitions.”  Read more

In Gujarat 80% Prostate Cancer Cases Diagnosed at Advanced Stages: Doctors Warn of Rising Incidence.


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Approximately 80% of all prostate cancer cases in Gujarat are diagnosed at advanced stages, making the disease difficult to treat.  Doctors in the state are concerned about the rising trend. More commonly affecting men, the cancer has over 1.8 million victims worldwide. Factors affecting increase incidence of prostate cancer vary from increase in stress levels to inactive sexuality in men.

One of the astonishing reasons pointed out through research is the fact that less than 6 hours of sleep doubles the risk of prostate cancer in men increasing the risk to 55%. According to the Indian Cancer Registry, the statistics of prostate cancer have been estimated to increase by 220% by 2020. In addition to increasing physical inactivity and consumption of high trans-fat food, urban lifestyle with its hectic schedules and stress is increasing risk of cancer cases in the state.

“The cancer is responsible for the swelling of the gland near the prostate causing difficulty in urinating. It is common to witness the disease occurring in older population. But we are also seeing the trends coming in for younger population who are less than 40. This is troublesome as our lives have rapidly changed. Due to lack of time and perhaps resources, we often cannot afford to sleep and eat properly. While the repercussions of a bad diet are known, lack of sleep can cause reduced melatonin levels responsible for maintain the sleep cycle. Due to this, the body cannot prevent cancerous growth of the cells”, says Dr. Dhaval Rajde, Surgical Oncologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ahmedabad. Read more