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“ If you are a creative person you are whimpsical and trust me the world will adjust “ : says Music Director and Social Activist Vishal Roy


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Vishal Roy, the other name of versatility who raised his voice against ‘Punish A Muslim Day‘ speaks about this musical journey .Roy started his musical journey under the guidance of his mother Shyamali Roy. Initially his mother trained young Vishal, having showed undubitable passion for music Vishal received his training from  Pt. Ajay Chakraborty. Unlike most other singers he neither chose the path of relality show nor nor did he found confinemnet in vocals only. He chose to compose and co-direct to brush up his experience with commercial music. Vishal’s capabily of playing stringed instruments and his knowledge and grip on instruments he uses for his arrangements deserves special praise.Vishal already assisted eminent music composers and directors of Bollywood and Tollywood. Read more