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Abhay Deol’s JL50 and Pankaj Kapur’s Aadi (The Beginning) are among the 11 projects chosen for the first edition of the South Asian Film Market (SAFM)


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The Singapore South Asian Film Festival 2018 (Sg.SAIFF) launched the first edition of the South Asian Film Market (SAFM).

The South Asian Film Market (SAFM) includes a selection of 11 filmmakers and their projects and gives them an opportunity to showcase it to a jury which includes some of the biggest names of international independent cinema. Through this initiative, the SAFM intends to introduce promising new filmmakers to the world of independent cinema Read more

11​​ ​year old Gunjan ​requires immediate medical attention​


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Gunjan bought along plenty of joy to her family at the time of her birth. However things took a tragic turn 11 months after she was born. Gunjan faced complete Kidney failure. Gunjan’s father rushed her to Delhi for better treatment. He is staying in a Dharamshala in Delhi at Rs.50 per day.

Gunjan has to undergo Dialysis every alternate day in AIIMS. Her father hasn’t been able to open his small shop back in their village and is devoid of the meagre 20000 rupees he managed to earn every month. The treatment however isn’t working and hell broke loose on her family when doctors told them that Gunjan needs a kidney transplant on an urgent basis. Read more

DIL Ltd. announces split from F.V. 10 to F.V. 5 and bonus in 1:1 ratio


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DIL Ltd. (BSE: DIL) today announced that the Board of Directors at its meeting held on June 18, 2018 has recommended the split/sub-division of shares of the Company from face value of Rs.10 (Rupees Ten) each to face value of Rs. 5 (Rupees Five) each, and issue of Bonus equity shares in the proportion of 1:1. The same is subject to the approval of the shareholders and the record date/s for the split/sub-division and bonus will be intimated in due course.


As part of its overall Business Restructuring exercise, the Board also announced that it has called for a separate Board Meeting on June 21, 2018 to consider scheme of Amalgamation between the Company and its subsidiary, Fermenta Biotech Limited.


In addition, the Board has also recommended to alter the Objects Clause of MOA to allow the company to conduct the business of sustainable environmental solutions either on its own or through collaboration.


The company announced that rationale behind the split is to improve the liquidity of the Company’s equity shares and to make them more affordable for the small retail investors who want to invest in the Read more