Kohinoor Group raises the bar for international education with the opening of Kohinoor American School


By K. Ashwin Mob: 09920183006 Email: indianshowbusiness@gmail.com

The Kohinoor group adds another yet another feather to its cap with the opening of the Kohinoor American School in Khandala .Set amidst picturesque lush green lawns and the sweet chorus of flowing valley water, the Kohinoor American school (KAS) guides impressionable young minds through an American style of education fostered in an international setting. 

Thinking on one’s feet takes a whole new dimension with the KAS approach to encouraging students to develop critical thinking skills by engaging students in a number of interactive activities that also imbibe a sense of social responsibility in them. The mission at KAS is to allow each child to embody the seeds of their innate talent by nurturing these seedlings towards mastering their vocations. The Kohinoor American School lays a strong emphasis on lighting the fires of holistic development in the student’s mind and allows this fire to ebb and dance through the three crowns of Human Achievement – the mind, body and soul.

The Kohinoor American School director, Mehran Akhtarkhavari says “Kohinoor American School (KAS) is a school that believes in the uniqueness of every child and is on the cutting edge of educating and preparing children for the future ahead. Kohinoor is dedicated to the child. Its programs are child centred with the four pillars of Knowledge, Wellness, Service and Peace upholding our vision, mission and core values. It offers the International Baccalaureate programme in the American style of education, which puts the child in the centre of the program. The school and its programs are not learning centred, but revolve around the child, their strengths, their weakness’ and their aspirations and dreams.”

The KAS curriculum was built upon a model of flexibility with a broad focus on accommodating both national and international applicants and students falling under the age group of 11-16 are encouraged to apply. The KAS cements the three foundational blocks of skills, knowledge and attitude in each student, which catapults them towards handling the academic as well as character challenges of the world with strength and positivity. The KAS’s graduates will bring in a fresh breath of air with the implementation of development plans for India and the world by adopting the United Nations Millennium Development Goal (UN-MDG). The KAS is equipped with state-of-the-art fruits of knowledge, with the students being encouraged to take crunchy bites of information from its Apple computers placed in every classroom

Kohinoor Group, with a vision to Grow Perpetually, is a diversified conglomerate, with presence in Education, Real Estate, Hospitality, Healthcare and Power Generation segments. The Kohinoor Group has been involved in education for the last six decades on a ‘not for profit basis’, largely for the benefit of lower income families. Over the last couple of years Kohinoor Education Trust (KET) took the strategic decision of venturing into quality international education and setting up an international School, Hotel, Hospitality and Business Management institutions. KET has now embarked upon setting up an international, co-educational boarding school, with the goal of making it Asia’s most respected international school.

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