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*Actors Umesh Pherwani and Hrishita Bhatt joined the initiative to spread

awareness about solar lanterns in Powai*

Bollywood celebrities gave become the unspoken Gods of the country. The

kind of devotion the public worships them with is something beyond the

level of understanding. One of the best ways in which Bollywood is

affecting their lives is by spreading awareness about some of the most

crucial concerns of the society.



Two amongst the few celebrities basking on the glory of their tremendous

career in Bollywood are *Actors Umesh Pherwani and Hrishitta Bhatt* who

came forth in order to launch Solar Lanterns and spread awareness about





Proud to be a part of such an initiative, *Umesh Pherwani* says “*We as

celebrities have the power to reach out to the maximum no. of people hence

why not use this as an asset and spread awareness about some essential

concerns of the society and take the necessary steps towards the

eradication of the problems. I am absolutely privileged to be considered

for this cause and propel the people to join hands and participate and do

their bit*”.



Honored to be a part of the initiative *Hrishitta Bhatt *says “*We need to

be the change we want to see. We ourselves need to take mandatory steps to

overcome the issues that prevail on the environment front. Every citizen of

the country should hold a vision of better tomorrow and do their smallest

bit, because every bit counts. I am privileged to be chosen for the launch

of Solar Lantern, it will surely do benefit to the society*”.




Not many from the city took part in the global 60+ Earth Hour, under which

lights were to be put out between 8.30pm and 9.30pm to save energy. The

city managed to save only 40MW, according to the data obtained by Tata

Power officials using the power system control centre.


While Tata Power consumers saved 14MW, Reliance Energy consumers from the

suburbs saved 8MW, much lower than last year’s 14.5MW. There was no data

available on the energy saved by the BEST.


However, not everyone ignored the initiative. Three hundred people along

with *Actors Umesh Pherwani and Hrishitta Bhatt* took part in a

candle-light vigil organized by the Young Environmentalists Programme and

launched Solar Lanterns, a not-for-profit.


Bollywood celebrities have been long known for promoting awareness and

supporting social causes that need immediate attention.


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