Popular TV Actresses and Real Life Mothers Smita Bansal, Roshni Chopra & Barkha Bisht demand a diaper that ensures dryness on the inside for their babies


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Smita with her baby

Are you one of the 93% mothers who think a diaper is still working while it is dry on the outside*? Are you one of the 95% of mothers who only check the bed-sheet for signs of diaper wetness rather than checking your baby’s bottom*? An interesting study released by leading Research Agency IPSOS, revealed fascinating findings about Indian mothers’ perception towards usage of diapers.

The study conducted amongst mothers across key metros, divulges interesting facts about how 94% mothers want dry bottoms for their babies*. However, mothers do not actually check to see if the diaper is dry from inside in order to ensure the baby has a comfortable sleep. Apart from this, the study also highlights how Pampers is educating and breaking conventional ‘Diaper Norms’ thereby challenging the popular perception that it is not just leakage prevention but inside dryness of a diaper that is important for the overall health of a baby.


An alarming 96% mothers don’t know that even if diaper doesn’t leak, the baby may be wet inside*. Smita Bansal, popular TV actress shares, “Like many mothers, I trusted my sight or smell to change my baby’s diaper. I would just check the outside of the diaper and feel happy thinking that my baby is dry by just feeling it from outside. On the recommendation of my pediatrician, I checked my baby’s diaper from inside only to find that not only was the inside wet but also my baby’s bottom was also wet. That is when I decided to use a diaper which ensures dryness from inside for the peaceful sleep of my little baby. Now with Pampers Baby Dry Pants my baby is Dry from Inside and Happy Outside.”


Just like Smita and all other mothers, 90% doctors unanimously believe that wet diapers can disturb a baby’s sleep with 80% doctors acknowledging the impact of sleep quality on a baby’s complete development. **


Reflects Ajita Gopal Seethepalli, India’s leading Baby Sleep Consultant, “96% mothers trust their sight or smell to change a diaper, rather than actually checking the inside of a diaper to understand if their baby is dry and comfortable. If you are amongst the 94% mothers who prefer to have dry baby bottoms over dry bed sheets then it is time that you move beyond wet diapers and focus on inside dryness assured by Pampers Baby Dry Pants.


On the need for diapers that ensures dryness from inside, Pampers spokesperson said,

‘’While most diapers focus on preventing leaks and maintaining dryness on the outside, it does not ensure dryness inside. In such a case, your baby could still be uncomfortable in a wet from inside diaper while it looks dry from the outside and you being unaware of it. Pampers Baby Dry Pants promises dryness on the inside for up to 12 hours with Magic Gel that locks in wetness better than any other diaper pants. Thus, it keeps your baby Dry inside and Happy Outside’’




* Based on a study carried out by IPSOS Research Pvt Ltd, among mothers with 0 to 3 years old child, in December 2014 and January 2015 across 4 cities”

**Disclaimer: As per a survey conducted by Indian Child Health Association and DoctorsRepublic.com on 304 doctors



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