Priyanka Chopra: I am a geek’s fantasy


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The gorgeous PRIYANKA CHOPRA was recently appointed as the Brand Ambassador for the DDB technology platform across the Indian Subcontinent.  Here’s a short Q & A on her association with DDB technology: Q 1: You recently signed up as a Brand Ambassador for a global technology platform named DDB (Digital Direct Broadcast), what prompted this decision?

A: I absolutely love technology. In fact i consider myself a geek’s fantasy. I keep myself well informed about the latest gadgets & technologies launched. So when the DDB representatives approached me, it was very difficult for me to say no. I just had to be a part of this progressive technological evolution. For me being associated with DDB is really special.

DDB Technology Brand Ambassador - Priyanka Chopra

Q 2: What exactly is DDB?

Priyanka Chopra: DDB is the World’s most advanced TV operating platform. Nowadays all our phones have camera’s, calendars, albums, music and almost everything that we could ask for in just one gadget and that’s exactly what the DDB technology offers in just one TV. The technology not only enhances your entertainment options but also does it in an easy, simple manner. It converges various features like 3D viewing, direct digital TV transmission, superior internet browsing capabilities and also cloud computing abilities… all brought together on one single platform! The DDB platform truly sets new Global standards in home entertainment experience & is something the World has never seen before.

DDB Technology Brand Ambassador - Priyanka Chopra

Q 3: Tell us more about this association?

Priyanka Chopra: I am very proud to be associated with the DDB technology platform which is the future of Television viewing experience. It certainly is very very exciting & will be well accepted by the Indian consumers. I would like to congratulate DDB today for being pioneers in creating a new TV technology Platform and pioneers in taking this new digital age forward.

DDB Technology Brand Ambassador - Priyanka Chopra

Q 4: Nokia, Nikon & now DDB; so can we say Technology is the way forward for you?

Priyanka Chopra: Oh yes absolutely! This is the digital age, the world of the future and we are the generation of the future! Technology brings happiness & convenience to our day to day lives. I feel very proud to see India progressing rapidly in this direction and I’m glad to contribute in every way i can to spread this message of the future.


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