Roopesh Rai Sikand’s advt shoot for “ROYAL HONEY” with Maushmi Udeshi & Shiv


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Shiva and Maushmi Udeshi

Well known commercial ad-maker, director Roopesh Rai Sikand shot an erotic & exotic but energetic ad film with models Maushmi Udeshi & newcomer Shiv on 28 th Dec at Future Studio in swimming pool. Roopesh Rai Sikand, after completing his Punjabi film ‘Canada The Flight’ which was shot in Bangkok, Punjab & Chandigarh with Yuvraaj Hans & Navraaj Hans (sons of Hansraaj Hans), had this opportunity to shoot a ad-film for ‘Etumax Corp’ product “ROYAL HONEY” which has been made ​​with 97% pure honey and 3% Malasian rain forests herbs.


When asked with Roopesh, what is the connection of Honey and swimming pool, and why he is shooting it here in a exotic way, he said ‘we are going in era of 2000, where we have to be modern, this product does not have any side effect, instead it clears your body system and increase immunity, thus when a person feels healthy definitely he feels sexy also, so I am shooting this advt in a glamorous way ‘.

Mr Salim, Mr. Malik Shivani & Saahil Shah who have made ​​this product said that we have made ​​this honey to provide immunity to human body, male or female, this will prevent arthritis, treat asthma, stimulates hair growth, improve sexual performance, and helps to lower cholesterol and many more. We are releasing it in India plus simultaneously in US and Middle East.

Rupesh Roy Sikand director of the “Royal Honey” filmed over advertising Maushmi Udeshi and Shiva.

Msuhr Commercial Ed maker, director Rupesh Roy sikand giving an irritating thing for the pep Mushmi Udeshi an ad model and budding film Shiva December 28 Future Studios filmed at the swimming pool. Rupesh recently a Punjabi film “The Flight Canada’s shooting in Bangkok, Punjab and Chandigarh, the sons of famous singer Prince Hans Raj Hans, Hans and Tarun Mehta with Nvraj After all, he” Atumks Corp. “The Product” Royal Honey “97% of the Malaysian Rain Forest 3% pure honey and products made ​​from herbs to create an ad.


Rupesh connection with the honey and the swimming pool was asked, he said Hsate’s “The New Age, we have the product in person nei elation comes from the consumption of which is healthy and when she stays true to her sexual life so little is showing new ways. The owner of the product manufacturer and Sahil Shah Shivani body’s product provides immunity from everything, no side effects, it is for arthritis, asthma , for almost every disease to cholesterol is beneficial, we in India with the United States and the Middle East are released.



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