Actress Sapna to go completely nude for “No 1 Dirty Heroine Sapna”


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The undisputed queen of sex and sleaze Sapna who has done about 300 films over the last 16 years will shoot completely in the nude for the first time in her career of 16 years of seduction for her film “No 1 Dirty Heroine Sapna”. Says Sapna, “I want to show people like Mahesh Bhatt saab, Poonam Pandey, Veena Malik, Rozlyn Khan and Sunny Leone what real sex appeal is all about. Bhatt saab has imported a porn actress Sunny Leone for his film when I have been doing hot sex scenes for the last several years.”

“Poonam Pandey is all skin and bone. Veena Malik has been disowned and thrown out of her own country. What do these girls have. I have done 300 films and have a huge fan following. I am the Queen of Sex,” she said.

The empress of sex and seduction and the undisputed Queen of all B-grade films in India Sapna will be soon seen in a film titled “The Dirty Heroine” which is inspired and a remake of the film The Dirty Picture. Sapna who has acted in over 300 B and C grade films is also a producer and will be co-producing the film under her own banner SRK Films.

Sapna lashed out at other girls in the Bhojpuri film industry. Speaking exclusively to, she said, “There are only buffaloes and cows (saands and bhaisain) in the Bhojpuri film industry. I have done over 300 films in the last 16 years and I am still shooting every day. The other girls only sleep around to get work,” she lamented saying that girls in the industry are very much to blame for the casting couch.

“Most girls in the film industry are only good at bed work. They have no understanding of camera work, dance and acting. Girls like Poonam Pandey, Rozlyn Khan, Veena Malik and others who cannot act, are making money by circulating fake nude photographs in the media. Most girls are only capable of bed work,” she said referring to the casting couch that is all prevalent in the industry.

Sapna says for 16 years she has completed almost 300 films. “I am shooting two news films each month. Why does the media only notice girls who do not have a single released film. All my films have earned money for the producers. Some of my films have earned about 10 times of the cost involved,” she quips.

Sapna will start shooting for the film The Dirty Heroine in June-end this year which is partly based on her own life as the queen of sex, sleaze and seduction.




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