Artist Hema Joshi launched book on joint retrospective of Haldankar’s art legacy, on 8th October 2014.


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Artist Hema Joshi a renowned name in the art world, launched her first book on Haldankar’s a joint retrospective of Art Renaissance legacy of her grandfather, S.L Haldankar and her uncle G.S. Haldankar, which was launched in a gala art event honoured by Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy and the inaugural lamp will be lit by Smt. Pheroza Godrej, last evening on 8th October 2014, at Nehru Centre.

Hema as an artist has been on a mission for the last few years. She has dedicated the last 4 years in bringing out the Art Renaissance legacy of her grandfather, S.L Haldankar and her uncle G.S. Haldankar, both of them who occupy a monumental standing in the Indian Art Movement. “The Modern Young Art Generation and also the upcoming art generations need to know about the fine legacy these artists have created for all the art lovers, awareness had to be created and the generation gap had to be mended, hence the book’’ states Hema on the reason to go ahead and publish this art encyclopedia on the works of Handankars. The book covers every details and aspect of these maestro’s paintings. It is expansive over 120 pages of some beautiful color imagery of these great artists.

For Hema it wasn’t an easy ride even though she hails from the illustrious legacy herself. It has taken her more than 3 and half years of painstaking efforts to capture and locate the original works, seek permissions from various museums and institutions, photograph and finally publish all the great works in a lucid and relevant manner. ‘‘This book will serve as a good reference point for anybody in the world be it Indian, British or Chinese. The book encapsulates and showcases some of the best work which my granddad and uncle did, I am sure it will inspire a lot of people out there who had no idea on these famous artists’’ Adds Hema on her journey to publishing this book.

The book has definitely received a lot of acclaim from its manuscript level, The foreword Introduction is by Hon Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. PrithviRaj Chauhan.

This itself speaks volumes for the book.


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    Does anyone have a copy of this book by artist Hema Joshi?

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