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Noida/New Delhi September 22, 2014 The shooting of National Awardee and famed producer director of film Parathe Wali Gali Sachin Gupta’s second romantic comedy film ‘Thoda Lutf, Thoda Ishq’ began in Noida .

Sachin Gupta , who has been writing and directing theatre productions in India and America for a decade now, in his second film under Chilsag Motion Pictures banner which stars Popular television serial face Hiten Tejwani along with comedian Rajpal Yadav, Sanjay Mishra, Neha Pawar,Sushmita Mukherjee and Bhavita Anand revolves around two Delhi lads Jhumroo (Hiten) and Ghumru (Rajpal) who are depicted as best examples of fools who are good for nothing , keep rooming around with sole motive in life is to have fun, pick girls, go to parties, get drunk and chill. They find mischievous ways to get in touch with girls.

The film-maker Sachin Gupta , a software engineer by education, till now has mounted 13 original productions and three Broadway shows in New York wants to showcase all of this in his romantic comedy which will be mostly shot in Noida and Etawah, and other cities in UP and NCR region. His famous plays include Handicapped city and celebrations of life.




“My first feature film is a romantic comedy but not entirely. It has various other dimensions too. It is a sensitive film and has such an appeal that anyone can relate to it. The international audience would also relate to it as it is about people and friends,” says Sachin.


“The shooting of the film is expected to be completed by October end and is slated to be released in the Month of February 2015. The music in the film has been directed by Vikram Khajuria, the songs have been sung by Mamta Sharma, Mika, Arjit Sinh and Palak Muchal. The film has been co-produced by Bharat Bansal and Vivek Yadav” Gupta said.

So far Sachin has trained over 400 actors. In 2005 he moved to North America to expand his film and theatre work. He staged three Broadway shows with American actors and studied acting at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York and learned nuances of Shakespearean acting at the Emerson College in the United States

Hiten Tejwani, who has been a popular face on Television has taken a coveted leap from the small screen talking about his role said “ “The film is a romantic comedy and is about this typical Delhi guy named Jhumroo Patel, who thinks he is a casanova. He is full of himself but is basically nothing. The plot revolves around how his life changes when he goes from Delhi to Etawah and how this guy who picks on everyone else is made out to be a fool by his own family.”

It’s the first time he’s doing comedy, which he admits was a challenge for him. “For TV also, I have done a lot of work and all kinds of roles, but comedy is something that I have never done in my life. It’s far more difficult than anything else because unless it’s convincing, it just won’t work. You just have to be perfect in every sense of the word if you have to make people laugh,” he says.

Asked how was it playing a Delhi guy in the film and what were the striking things he found about Delhi, Hiten says, “It was quite fun and challenging at the same time. From Mumbai to Delhi, they are two different worlds. In terms of attitude, Delhi people are too chilled out — ho jayega yaar, kal chale jaiyo, jaldi kya hai. But in Mumbai, people are running around. Life is very fast there, not so chilled out like Noida and Delhi.”

Neha Pawar who has already worked in Sachin Gupta’s debutant film ‘Parathe wali Gali”feels at home with the Director and knows her role well.


Two boys jhumru and ghumru who are best examples of fools who are good for nothing , keep rooming around the whole day..Their sole motive in life is to have fun.. pick girls..go to parties.. get drunk and chill.. They find miachievous ways to get in touch with girls.

They are desperate to get a job as they are repeatedly told that they cant do anything in life.. Their so called male egos are hurt , they try for jobs get humiliated in the most funny manner.. their embarrasment and losser sight is worth a laugh but after couple of disasters they get a job at a newly made parlour . They are extremly thrilled as their only wish in life ” to be around girls ” is fullfilled but they are unaware of the trauma they have to face in future. This parlour is owned by 2 beautiful girls from Itawa.. unaware of jhumru and ghumru’s qualification , they keep the dumb heads.. but the dumb heads are unaware that they have to work under strong heads.

These girls make the guys do the cleaning of floors after haircuts , they are given fat aunties to wax , black ladies for facial and what not. Their fancied job becomes hell for them but their scincerity wins the hearts of the girls and we see blossoming love story



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