Actress and Supermodel Nataliya Kozhenova bear resemblance to Legendary Actress Helen


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Italian-Ukrainian actress and Supermodel Nataliya feels delighted to bear sheer resemblance to veteran actress also a graceful dancer Helen.

Nataliya Kozhenova, a prominent face in the party circuit finds it amusing when people around her shower her with compliments for her resemblance to the evergreen actress and dancer Helen. Someone who is a self confessed Bollywood fanatic and exorbitant fan of Helen; the supermodel Nataliyaabsolutely doesn’t mind owing resemblance to not just her favorite actress but also an inspiration.

Well known for her boldness the actress says, “When people around me compliment me for my resemblance to Helen ji, I feel thrilled and ecstatic. She is one of the most beautiful actresses in B-Town. Not just beautiful, she is one of the most graceful dancers audience has ever seen. While growing up I would stand in front of the mirror and try to imitate her moves but I would fail each time. Matching to her level of grace is not only difficult but impossible”

Listing few of her favorite dancing number, the actress revels“Choosing one amongst her popular numbers is very difficult but I have my favorites. Piya Tu Ab to Aaja from Caravan(1971) and Mehbooba Mehbooba from Sholay (1975) are few of my most favorite numbers”


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