Tips for Cleaning the Gems through Home Remedies.


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Sharing the tips with you on behalf of Gaurav S. Issar, Managing Director of Institute of Diamond Trade, India (IDT) Gemstone jewelry is extremely expensive and also one that involves intricate craftsmanship. However, over a period of time they lose shine and start looking dull. A round of polishing from any jewelry store will cost you a fortune. This is because they charge you for every single piece of gemstone it. Even a small ring of Kundan work may have several and different types of gemstones. Needless to say that it makes more sense to be cleaning gemstone at home.


Never spray perfume on your gemstones. Do not cover them with makeup or body lotion. All these cosmetic things are bad for stones. They are universally bad for any kind of jewelry because they all are studded in metal.


Fill a bowl with lather lukewarm, soapy water and let your GEMS soak. If you use a sink, use a plug or drain stopper so your precious gems don’t accidentally spiral down into your home plumbing. Transfer your jewelry into another bowl filled with glass cleaner for a few moments, and then use your soft brush to wipe away any residual dirt. For the softer stones like opal, moonstone, amethyst etc you have to use hand wash soap instead of washing power.

> Try good old-fashioned baking soda.

Baking soda has an amazing amount of cleaning uses, and can also get the grime off of your jewelry. Combine the baking soda with water to create a paste, then use a soft brush to gently scrub your gems and metals. Next, dry and polish the ring with a lint-free cloth and your jewelry will shine.

>Use soft brushes for hard gems.

A popular tool of choice is a soft-bristle tooth brush. The brush must be soft; otherwise, you might do more harm than good to your stone or setting. A hard-bristle brush might even damage the metal holding your gems and diamonds. Better not chance it. To clean your jewelry, get a warm bowl of water and scrub with a few drops of ordinary liquid dish detergent.

> Make Vodka Your Best Option:

To clean your crystalline gemstones, soak your diamond ring in a shot of vodka. When you take the piece out of the liquid, use a soft cloth to polish it to reach a shine. This remedy will only work with diamonds and emeralds – do not use on any other pieces. For Corals you can go with ethyl alcohol



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