Blue Yogi India’s first-ever travel portal that guarantees up to 60 % off at luxury hotels


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It is an incredible business proposition, and one that benefits travelers with discounts of up to 60% off on high-end luxury hotels. This is more than they are likely to find elsewhere because of its unique business model.

Blue Yogi’s model is based on an inventory of luxury hotel rooms across India that are part of its platform in which the pool of rooms that are available are offered to the portal at high discounts over published rates – benefits that are passed on to the end-user: the consumer. These rooms would otherwise generate no income for their management, one reason why they have tied up with Blue Yogi to strengthen their distribution base.

There is however one proviso. the names of the participating hotels cannot be mentioned on the portal – which is only reasonable, since the hotels would not like to openly show the availability of such high discounts. However, the location and facilities of these properties are described in detail, so that consumers know what are they will be staying in, and the services they can expect from these properties.

The idea behind the portal is to use all available rooms from a given inventory and monetize them so that it’s a win-win for the hotel companies as well as for their guests via the Blue Yogi site. If these discounts were offered under their brands, it would impact their sales and lower brand value. Through Blue Yogi, however, they are able to leverage the room availability that they would not otherwise be able to offer in the market under their own brand. The additional cash flow or income generation ensures that their inventory is used by those travelers who are intelligent enough to spot a sweet deal. In effect, this creates a “hotwire” facility for hotel rooms and their consumers.

The important feature is that guests will not feel shortchanged. For instance, they will not be offered 3-star rooms in lieu of 5-star ones. If the business model is the backbone that will guarantee success, the surprise and anticipation among users is what will generate the buzz and excitement. Akhil Nath, Director, BlueYogi, says: “We have developed a successful software and signed up luxury hotels chains and have piloted the site over the past few months. We believe that the concept will work for the Indian market given that it offers highly discounted rooms in known brand-name 3-, 4- and 5-star properties across India, effectively creating a ‘hotwire’ for the Indian market.”Blue Yogi is currently live and is receiving a great inflow of bookings. Akhil Nath along with his other directors, Manu Kaushik (CEO, Divine Arts, Inc. USA) and Vikram Madhok (MD, Abercrombie and Kent, India) are on the move to revolitionaize the online travel sector.

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